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Hey y’all!  A quick post before I head out to pick the kiddos up from school, but I just wanted to share that I returned a few days ago from my trip to check-in with my oncologists, and after bloodwork, CT, DRE, and anoscopy, I’m all good and continuing NED!  This is a little more than 18 months out of chemo-radiation, and almost 17 months out of surgery to address the liver lesions.

I feel great, and my team all seems be gaining optimism with every 3 month check-up.  There is a particular doctor on my team who is typical most reserved with his optimism (he is extremely kind and very helpful, just reserved) and even said to me, “I think you’re going to be just fine.”  That kind of cautious-but-positive proclamation from him was pretty meaningful to me.  I’m not counting chickens or anything, but yes, checking-off another three months of being cancer-free and feeling great!

I had a bone density scan, too, which had some osteopenic results, but that’s for another post later.

Best wishes to all,


  • Hi Red, this is amazing news to be reading, I’ve had a pretty ropey day at work today but this news has definitely made me smile! I’m so pleased you’re feeling so well & getting on with your life. I really am over the moon for you.


  • Red, that is absolutely wonderful news - I am so happy to hear this, I hope you are all having a celebration tonight!

    I'll raise a glass to you, too!

    Irene xx

  • Brilliant news! Well done you , wishing you all the very best . 

  • Hi Red

    Hurrah! Tada so happy for you and glad you are feeling so well. To here positive words from your usually reserved doctor is so reassuring for you.

    I will raise a glass for you when i raise a glass on Friday when i am going out to celebrate a year since i rang the bell after treatment!  Champagne

    Thanks for letting us know such cheery news.

    Best wishes

    Carole x

  • Hello Red, great news! I think I read on here that to make the two year mark it’s a good sign that the cancer is unlikely to return and I mentioned it to my oncologist and of course it’s not 100% but she also said it’s a good marker. I also had to have a DEXTA scan and have osteoporosis in my spine. Not good news but I am in the gym twice a week and do weights and fingers crossed as I refuse the drugs.

  • Red! You badass mama! This made my whole day!!!!!

  • Hi Nicola!  Thank you so much—indeed, I’m getting on with my life, as the kids started school 3 days after I returned home from the medical trip…PHEW!  Hectic, but joyful!

    I’m sorry you had a rough day, but I hope the rest of your week finished stronger, and better yet, I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

    Best wishes to you!


  • Hi Irene!  Thank you—I’d have clinked glasses with you, if I could have!  I did have a glass of wine the night that I heard the good news, but that was alone at the hotel restaurant.  My husband opened a very nice bottle when I returned home a couple of days later, and I had a glass of that, too.

    You have an 18 month check-up coming soon, too, right?



  • Thank you so much!  Very relieved to be able to continue to “live forward.”

    Best wishes!


  • WOOHOO! One year out of treatment definitely deserves a toast!  I’m happy that you’re celebrating!  I think that must mean you’re feeling pretty good!

    Yesterday was the two year anniversary of when the cancer was first detected in colonoscopy.  Emotional time…I’ve come a long way, and I’m sure you have, too!  Have a beautiful rest of the weekend!

    Continued good health to you!