Pelvic Radiation Disease

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Hi everyone, 

Apologies I’ve been absent for a few days but I’ve been visiting family & my mum has ended up in hospital after a fall at home. 

Anyway… I’ve noticed a few posts concerning longer-term side effects &  I see that   has already posted a link for the Pelvic Radiation Disease Association, there’s some great information there & some personal accounts that many of you may relate to also. 

I can only speak for myself but I’ll be eternally grateful for the treatment I received as I’m now cancer free & classified as ‘cured’ & at 5 years out I’ve only been left with minimal longer term side effects but I know that some of you are much earlier on in your journeys & haven’t been quite so lucky so I urge you to take a look on the website. Also ask your GP’s/practice nurse for information about the Bowel & Bladder service in you locality. As I say I am 5 years post treatment now & have only been made aware of both of these services in recent months.