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Hello all! Hope everyone is doing well. We’ve chatted in here before about hip pain and I just wanted to ask again how everyone’s getting on? 

Post treatment (last year) it was particularly bad after the radiation. My right hip just wouldn’t co-operate on standing and I often had to manually pop into back into place or wait until it behaved before I could set off walking. I’m 52 not 92 ha ha. 

Fast forward to now if was much better over the summer but has started up again. I’ve just started using a red light therapy lamp (a good one that professional sports therapists use not an Amazon special) to see if that will help. Nothing yet…

Im absolutely full to the brim with HRT (I take body identical Estrogen gel and progesterone every day to keep the menopause in check… literally thrown off a cliff into that straight after my treatment..oh the joy!) so whilst it says it can help aches and pains etc it clearly isn’t making its way to my naughty hip! 

I stretch, a bit if yoga and Pilates and walk the dog and am generally active as I have two young children so I’m not a couch potato but thinking maybe I’ll need to go and see someone about it and have an X-ray etc as yesterday I could hardly stand up to walk. Once I get going I’m ok but only ok. I don’t bother with pain killers as it’s more about the joint not working and stiffness than actual pain. I have started some supplements including Astaxanthin (it’s very good for joints and osteoarthritis much higher concentration of benefits than glucosamine, turmeric, fish oils etc) and another called Boron (Solgar) which is getting excellent reviews in the arthritis world. So I’ll keep you posted on those. I also use a heat pad which definitely helps a bit. 

Any others out there with similar? Any tips etc would be most welcome. 

love to all

PPR x 

  • Hi PPR, 

    I don’t think I have anything useful to say, other than like you I have a recurrence of hip pain that I thought had settled down. I finished treatment Dec 21, and have been good and back at work since . The last month the hip pain has come back with a vengeance. It is particularly bad in the morning, weight bearing very painful, and the hip doesn’t feel like it’s sat right in the socket , so for instance walking down the stairs takes some thinking about, and bending to put socks on is a challenge . But when I get going it’s much better ( I can run 5k fine once warmed up) . So like you I don’t know if it’s post radiation treatment, (post)  menopause related ( I am 58) or just completely unrelated arthritis and getting old . It’s a right pain though and like you was thinking an X-ray might be the way forward. 

  • Hi  and  have you considered requesting a bone density (DEXA) scan? I have had worsening hip pain and stiffness and my Oncologist recently referred me for this scan. The scan itself takes less than 5 minutes. My results last week show that I have osteoporosis in my hips and spine (L4) is the vertebrae they scan. I was advised that as the result of the pelvic radiation I was most likely plunged into the menopause earlier than I would have been. Rather than immediately beginning HRT I left this for a couple of years ( I now regret this). I will be referred to my GP for treatment possibly with bisphosphonates which assist in the absorption of calcium. It’s worth checking this x

  • Hi Roses!

    So glad it's hip pain and not a recurrence. I'm wondering if it's a mild case of osteopenia? I have that, although it doesn't hurt me (at the mo anyway.) Couldn't hurt to check out. 

    Thanks for the info on Astaxanthin!

    My hips do hurt me if I don't use a 'knee pillow' or something similar. I need a really hard mattress to keep my back from hurting, but when I sleep on my sides (I flop around like a landed fish at night) my hips hurt from the firmness of it. A fat round pillow, about the size of a really big cat, tucked between my knees helps my hips. Might be worth a try.


  • Oh yes I’d totally forgotten about that!!! Menopause brain!’ Brilliant  I knew you lot would come up trumps! Will get on to GP tomorrow and get that organised! 

    Thank you!! Xx

  • Hello  yes I’ve got knee pillows and I’m in mattress number 3! Finally found an Emma mattress with a Dorma topper has helped me get a bit more pain free Sleep. Will look up Ostopenia! 

    I knew you guys would come up trumps!! Heart

    Am just lying here with my red light on after a warm bath. Im

    I’m such high maintenance now Joy blooming cancer!!! 

    Thank you xx

  • Hi , totally relate to this. Pulling on socks or boots, or even trying to shave my legs in the shower is a comedy of errors Joy my right leg just won’t work properly. I actually have to pick it up and manoeuvre it. Seems utterly ridiculous. I’m with you in the socket thing. It gives an almighty cracking sound. Quite off putting! And just needs manipulation to get it back on track sometimes.

    I was a dancer in my former life, with the Royal Ballet so I expect some wear and tear but this is a whole new territory! 

    Will keep you all posted! Trouble with trying all different things js working out which is the one that worked Joy

    thanks again xx 

  • Very similar!  I was (and still try to be) very active, regularly power walking four to five miles a day with my dog.  I am now back to doing the walking but there are a few flights of stairs over railway bridges and the like, and I struggle there - everything aches, knees and hips in particular and my pelvis.  And a involuntary groan escapes when I rise from a chair and if I am on my knees I am hanging on to something to help me get back on my feet.  I think a bone scan might give some answers.

    Irene x

  • Even though it's been a year since you posted about your hip pain, I wanted to check in and see how you're doing. Dealing with ongoing discomfort can be challenging, especially after treatment.
    It's encouraging that you've been proactive in trying different methods like red light therapy. Hopefully, you're starting to notice some improvement. If you're still seeking relief, have you considered trying a hip brace? It could provide some added support and stability while you work on managing the pain. You can find more information about it on artikmed.com. Keep taking care of yourself, and don't hesitate to reach out if you need support.

  • Hello  

    Thank you for checking in. I’m nearly 3 years post treatment now. Hip is behaving much better. The pain has pretty much gone but it can still have the occasional twinge or quite a loud crack when it goes back into place but on the whole I am much better and it doesn’t interfere much with daily life. 

    I think walking and gentle exercise also helped as has time. Oh any taking some supplements as above! I now don’t have to take any pain killers or pain gel just occasionally pop a heat pad on if there’s a bit of an ache if I have walked for too long  

    I never did get round to having an xray or dexa scan. Radiation will always cause some damage but it’s the price we pay to be cancer free. Hope everyone is all good here! Can’t believe it’s 3 years already since I first joined here. 

    love to all x

  • Hello,

    It’s along time since I was on this site. 6 years this summer. I had serious back problems prior to my radiation. I have had hip pain on and off since then. Unusually it is on the tip of my pelvic bone. The little pointy bit, and is often sore to touch. I have recently had Covid for the first time, and it has hit my back and both hips. I do Pilates stretches nearly every day, and have a trainer once a week. That really helps.

    Thinking of all you newbies on here, it is almost a faint memory now, but I count my blessings I am still cancer free. 

    I think my blog is still out there, it has helped a few people. I find it hard to read, brings back memories stored away… You might find it helpful and hopefully amusing. Blogfromuranus.blogspot.com

    Very best wishes,


    Lady Tourelle