Should I be concerned???

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Hi all

Currently 14 months post treatment for AC and recently had CT scan with contrast as part of the regular check up.  Couple of days ago I saw my oncologist at the hospital and he said the scan had shown up 'a small lesion' on the liver - but that given that scans are so good these days it picks up everything and is probably nothing to worry about but let's get an MRI to check it.  He said he'll phone after he sees results to let me know.  Naturally my brain has gone into overdrive mulling this over and googling it etc.  I read that 70% of liver lesions are benign. However my brain says - hang on - didn't you have scans galore before treatment and not one of them picked up anything? Why? What's going on? 

So - here I am back to a waiting game again, now awaiting an MRI.   I had hoped that my one year check would be plain sailing as I feel pretty good and thought that life was improving.  Yes I still get tired if I am too active or too busy, I still get hip aching if too active or busy- I'm seeing a physio for this. I still 'manage' my bowel issues but control it now.  It has however upset me and I'm using up too much emotional energy over this. One minute I think - it will be nothing, no worries and the next I wonder if this is a secondary and whether I'm really free of this.  Anyone else recognise these feelings?


  • Hi Carole

    i am three years post treatment and I recall receiving results via MY CHART which mentioned small lesion around a year ago but nothing was discussed verbally but it did say probably benign. I have had the routine scans and nothing was reported. I was told most of these lesions usually turn out benign are rarely grow or spread but your doctor is probably being thorough. In fact I may mention this when I see my oncologist in August. I think it’s pretty normal for us to feel fragile occasionally as cancer is a big thing  for most of us and it helps to give yourself a talking to. Like you my life is about balance with my bowel issues which isn’t constipation or the other as much as the morning bowel movements just don’t want to come out! After that it’s not too bad


  • Oh, I hear you!  I remember going for one scan and the young oncologist said the spots on your stomach haven't changed - that was the first I had heard of them and I was immediately on high alert.  I don't know if your liver lesion is benign or not but as Julie says it is really good that your oncologist is on the ball .

    I am not making light of this, I know how worrying this is for you and there are no guarantees in this new world we now inhabit.  But until you have more scans I really would go with what your oncologist says that it is probably nothing to worry about.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Irene xxx

  • Hi  ,

    I can’t take away your feelings of anxiety surrounding this ‘new find’ (I wish I could) but please take note of what the ladies that have replied already have said & hopefully once the MRI is done & results are in it’ll be just that ‘ nothing to worry about’. Any of us, if in your shoes, would be feeling exactly the same as you are right now, once you’ve been through what we’ve been through your mind automatically takes you to worst case scenario, it’s only natural. Please know you’ve a safe space here to air your worries or let off steam if needs be. We’re here for you. 


  • Hi, hope you're coping OK. I'm in exactly the same situation just had my surveillance scan and have been told there is a dark spot on my liver. Having a PET CT this week to get it checked out. So scared!!!

  • My best wishes for your scan!  I've got the appointment for MRI next week. Fingers crossed!

  • Hi yes very worrying but listen to your oncologist as they are the experts my thoughts are with you xx