3 month post treatment mri results

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I had my 3 month mri and appointment with the oncologist last week, I had radiotherapy and chemo, 5 1/2 weeks, my tumour has shrunk from T2 to T1. The oncologist told me that the radiotherapy will keep working for the next 3 months. Is it likely it will have all gone then?  I'm feeling quite low now, I know it's not the worst news but I was hopeful it would have gone completely. Also the pain/ache in my anus has got worse over the last week since I was examined. Feel free to tell me to buck up! 


  • Sue

    I wouldn't dream of telling you to buck up and I know what my reaction would have been if someone had said that to me!  The DREs can be very painful after radiotherapy and I always keep everything crossed that I get one of the petite oncologists with small hands and tiny fingers.

    Please don't despair - in fact from what I have been told the radiotherapy continues to work for even longer than you have been told.  There isn't any way to hurry up this period unfortunately, until the next scan or even the one after that.

    I know it is so worrying and I am l wishing away the time with you.

    Sending a big hug

    Irene xx

  • Hi Irene,

    Thank you for your reply, you've made me feel a lot better. I'd been as positive as you can be all the way through until last week, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next scan now. When I had the first check up after treatment it didn't ache so much afterwards but thinking about it I was still taking painkillers regularly then.

    • I've been keeping up with everyone's posts and this support group have really helped me just reading about other people's experiences. Thanks again.


  • Hi Sue, 

    Aww bless you, try not to be down hearted that radiotherapy will still be killing your tumour off, it is still very early days. Use this time to rebuild yourself, rest when you need to, take pain relief if required and exercise and eat as well as you can. Please update us when you receive your next lot of results.

    Take care, Adele. 

  • Thank you Adele.


  • Oh Sue,

    Exhorting you to buck up isn't gonna happen! I can only imagine how knocked off you feel after that news!

    In light of this, my team's decision not to have any scans at all for a full year makes a lot more sense. I was a little put out, as I wanted some news on the progress but couldn't bear to have a physical exam. But they said the inflammation would make it hard to tell exactly what was happening with the tumour, and that any residual tissue would dissipate as the drugs kept gnawing away at it, and they were right.

    A DRE or an (attempted in my case, I can't take a scope) anoscopy was not remotely possible for me at 3 months. Even now, 2 years out, I can't take an anoscope and a DRE will make me hurt for a week or more afterwards.

    While of course I can't say what will happen with you, it is ABSOLUTELY possible that the tumour will be gone at your 6 month check. 

    In the meantime, let them know your pain has escalated with the exam. My docs all know I don't drop my drawers until a pain px has been called in for me!

    There's an excellent chance there's nothing at all wrong with you, you just need more time and more pain meds.