Bowel Incontinence Pads Recommendation

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Hi All, I have just joined this forum & am finding this space very supportive and informative. Thank you all for sharing and being so honest and open about your experiences xx

My mum has just been diagnosed with anal cancer, starts chemo & radiotherapy 8th July. She has been experiencing a leaky bottom, with sudden, no ability to hold, diarrhea before any treatment has started. We are on the waiting list to have support for incontinence, (have been told this will be weeks away) and I am trying to feed her more binding food, but wondered if anyone had any experience of this and any advice around pads that can cope with this diarrhea, we are going through the incontinence pants i bought from Tesco quite quickly. They are not ideal to remove when there is an accident, I have been cutting them off! Any advice greatly received xx

  • Hi Chic,

    I’m sorry but unfortunately I’m not able to advise you on your query, I hope others in this forum will be able to assist you, or I was wondering if the bowel cancer forum might be able to help you. I wish your mum well with her treatment, I’m sure they’ll be plenty of support and advice on this site if she needs it. 

    Best wishes, Adele. X 

  • Hi Chic I am sorry I did not experience this but did experience urgency in early post treatment. Has your mum got a telephone contact number for the team who will be treating her? I am wondering as the daily slog to and from hospital is stressful enough without having to worry about what your poor mum is experiencing. Is she eligible for free incontinence knickers I wonder whilst she is having her treatment. As said on here the Bowel forum may have some super tips and also look at her diet and maybe she needs to have what I think is called the white diet. Get this information out there with her team so that they are aware and look at some solutions for her. Good luck.


  • Hello Chic

    I can only assume that the tumour has caused this sudden incontinence and I am sorry I don't have any tips to offer other than perhaps Imodium but I would stress I am not qualified to advise that.  I suffered from diarrhoea during treatment (and yes, cut the pants off whilst standing in the bath!) and I am really sorry that she is having to wait for support.  I am pleased that she has your help, and wonder if her GP might also be able to advise in the meantime.

    I do hope that you get more helpful answers.

    Irene xx

  • Thank you Adele, yes let me try this forum, thank you! And thank you for your best wishes, I have been reading the responses to my mum, she is so grateful x

  • Hi Julie, thank you - yes the people treating her have referred us to the incontinence team but this is the one with the waiting list. I will speak to them again though as my mum is getting nervous chemo may make the problem worse which is adding to the stress Disappointed

    I have not heard of the white diet so will definitely look this up - big big thank you x

  • Hi Irene, yes exactly, she never had this problem before, the tumour is right at the entrance (she was mis-diagnosed haemorroids) so is blocking things, and then she gets the diarreah so it is a balance between eating just enough binding foods not to make it hard to then go.

    Thank you for suggesting the GP, I have called them today and hope they can come back to me tomorrow! Thank you x

  • I agree with Irene  , approach your mums GP, you shouldn’t be paying for incontinence aids anyway as even if your mum isn’t of the age that she no longer pays for prescriptions she will qualify for free prescriptions due to her cancer diagnosis & should therefore get any incontinence aids free! Her GP may be able to prescribe medical grade pads also which may cope a little better than the supermarket brands. I hope you get sorted soon.