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My count down to treatment starting is nearly over then it’s the business part of this journey!  I have found out this week that two girlfriends have had Anal cancer (they didn’t elaborate at the time and I didn’t like to quiz then) hoping being open with my friends and family will encourage others to get checked out!   one is 5 years clear afree RT and Chemo the other is a year past a huge op and loving life! 

Today I had to quickly get to the hospital to get weighed and height checked as no meds arranged for tomorrows Chemo injection - cut a long story short my chemo (one dose then tablets)  is now delayed a day - I got so upset I couldn’t speak as we wait and wait for results then more scans then wait again and am learning now that nothing is ever as you expect - this forum is so helpful and is realistic I hope in terms of what will happen so very thankful you all post on here? 

Radio tomorrow chemo and radio Thurs then Friday and the weekend to do family stuff.  

I know it’s not even started but others must be just as anxious and feel alone - even with lovely support x 

I am normally smiley and bendy and helpful but today sent me down - roll on tomorrow and getting this horrible thing gone x 

Shared with love to you all x Angie x 

  • It must  be a positive feeling knowing they've had it and are well know it will help you get through treatment yes this forum helps a lot I couldn't look at it last year when I went through chemo radio but I find it very helpful know I couldn't read the horror stories but if it helps.we are all different and if there are any useful tips it's worth knowing g Good Luck stay strong a d remember you will get through it xx

  • You’ve got this Angie, as you start with your treatment I’m sure you’ll find satisfaction in ticking the days off. I’m not too far behind you, my treatment starts next week, I’m looking forward to the tumour shrinking and hopefully having less pain. 
    When your treatment starts you will be able to discuss any concerns with staff on a daily basis, so you’re definitely not going to be on your own, Just think of this as a blip, our lives will get back on track and when we have our new normal we’ll definitely appreciate it. 

    Sending you a big virtual hug, from Adele. Xxx

  • Adele - thank you I am thinking about you too! The blip just got me today and I am always normally positive and smiley so was a shock to me x Virtual huge hug for you too and get that pain gone x 

  • Hi Angie,

    It’s certainly a rollercoaster and anxiety is a completely understandable thing to feel - I felt that way too. But once you get into your daily routine I’m sure things will settle down.

    Good luck for tomorrow x

  • Thank you for that xxx 

  • Hi Angie , 

    we all with you every step of the way 

    I’m day 7 post treatment ..

    take care 

    Chrissie xx

  • Hello Angie

    You already have had some lovely supportive replies, and I just wanted to add that we all have days when things go wrong and I can totally understand why you were upset - especially when you were all geared up to having treatment start and then to have it delayed.  By now hopefully the first day will have gone without any more delays and the full course of your treatment is underway.  We are always here with a listening ear if you need to talk.

    And count off those days!

    Irene xx

  • Hi  , it’s already been said but I’ll repeat, this really is a rollercoaster of a ride!! Sometimes things don’t go quite to plan but hopefully by now you’re back in sync with your treatment plan & can put this hiccup behind you now. Don’t let your anxieties build & get you down, air any concerns to your treating team whether that be your radiotherapy team, oncologist or specialist nurse & we’re always here to help support you however we can even if that means just lending a listening ear if you need to let off a bit of steam. 


  • Hi Angie I'm 9 month recovery from chemoradiation treatment & doing ok. I had 28 rounds of treatment & rang the bell 18th September 2023. The treatment is tough but with support & love you get through it, it becomes a routine 5 times a week for 5 weeks I travelled for my treatment but I have to say on the weekends I was really tired so didn't manage to do much but relax, but each person handles treatment differently. I was officially given the all clear 19th January 2024 & my 6 month surveillance scans show no reurcurrance and are reassuring. I will have my yearly surveillance scans in September. I still have occasional days dealing with side effects from the treatment but the bad days are less & less as time goes on. My advice is stay positive let your body tell you when you need to rest & you will boss it Muscle