Pain relief and progress

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I'm 9 days into recovery period from the radiotherapy and chemotherapy tablets.  My groin skin appears to be easier in the last couple of days apart from stinging on urination but manage with the water bath to ease it. However the pain in my back passage is not good , normally have a good pain threshold but honestly this is something else.  I'm taking the oxycodone and paracetamol but doesn't appear to have much effect. 

 I take heart knowing that this is a normal situation for most people who have been through this process.  I am normally a very active and independent person and just feel so helpless at moment, missing doing things although my poor husband is trying hard to help me . I appreciate it's a small price to pay to become well from the cancer 

I note that a few people have used epsom salts or salt to soak the area but my cancer nurse said not to use at the moment. I keep hopeful next few days may see the peak and begin to improve .  

Thanks for all the posts with support and tips , really glad to find this group. 

Enjoy the sunshine Sun with face 

  • Hello Minty2

    When I read as post such as yours it brings it all back as if it were yesterday; it isn't as if you can stop the 'traffic' as it were.  I vividly remember sitting on the loo accompanied by loud moans and drumming my feet on the floor.  But, and please take heart, it passes.  The anus has multiple nerve endings which makes it extremely sensitive at the best of times, and after treatment is really is in overdrive.  But every day things improve.  Just remember to take stool softeners alongside the Oxycodeine, opioid drugs causes everything to slow down and it is very easy to become constipated.

    Thinking of you and sending gentle healing hugs.

    Irene xx

  • Hi  

    Like Irene said, these first few days post treatment are excruciating when you go to Poop. I’m 3 weeks post treatment and the pain is already so much better so I’m sure you’re not far off turning a corner too.

    Although it’s not helpful, it is a case of just getting through these early stages - I did lots of breathing, distracted myself with a puzzle book while I was sat on the toilet and made sure I took my pain relief (not that it felt like it was helping much while I was pooping). I took Movicol when I felt like I needed it to keep the poop soft.

    I also used Water Wipes as well as toilet paper, which was soothing. Unfortunately they’re not flushable though, so I also bought some sanitary/dog poo bags to dispose of them. Gross, but a necessity for me to get some relief.

    Hope some of that helps? X

  • I’ve taken to reading the small print on the packaging of different bathroom products within reach Rofl 

    Absolutely no idea why, but trying to read the contents list on the back of a pack of wet wipes seems to provide me quite the distraction!

    Hope everyone is having a restful weekend x

  • Hi Minty , 

    feeling this pain with you … I’m a week behind you .. so frustrated I can’t do much , my partner in a band and summer gigs are the best .. I’m on a bed , constant tummy ache , pain everywhere but taking comfort in it will pass soon .. it feels like life has stopped in 2024 but please this won’t be forever !!?

    sending big hugs 

    chrissie xx

  • It's so hard to get through this bit. You'd think that having made it through treatment, this would be somewhat easier, but it just sucks.

    I wish there were some way to bypass, but the only way out is through.

    Wrapping you up in astral warm blankies (or maybe cool ones, it's over 100 here today).



  • Thanks for taking time to reply Irene. 

    I think the laxido is perhaps causing excessive bowel movements causing more irritation so I'm scaling back tomorrow see if that helps. 

    10 days tomorrow so as you say hopefully it will turn a corner soon. 

    I remember university reading a book " 10 days that shook the world"   I could rename it today , still not lost my sense of humour which is positive 

    Have a lovely restcof the weekend too.


  • Hi Georgie 

    So good hear you are improving and I take comfort knowing you are not that far ahead of me thank you. 

    I've been deep breathing on loo too, helps me to try relax a little through the pains.

    Wish you all the best with your recovery too.

    M x

  • Thank you Suz

    It definitely is a hard journey after the treatment finished.  Even though they arm you with all the information and potential side effects it didn't sink in at the time but gosh I understand why they do but can't wait to turn another corner .

    Hope you stay cool 100° phew that's very warm , here in UK been about 72°f , meant to be getting warmer from Monday. 

    Thanks again


  • Thanks Chrissie

    I feel the same as you life is on hold for bit and I feel bit helpless that I can't partake in the things I love at the moment too.

    It will pass and we will get through  this supporting each other and be back enjoying life Heart️ 


  • Hi  ,

    It’s a good sign that your skin is feeling a little better hopefully the rest will follow suit really soon. As Irene has said I remember those days as fresh as it was yesterday when I think about it, I recall sitting on the loo with sweat pouring out of me & thinking it would never get any better but it did. It’ll soon start improving bit by bit. The fatigue was frustrating for me, I’m fiercely independent & not being able to do the things I would normally be used to doing was really difficult but slowly the gaps between the bouts of fatigue got longer & longer & before I knew it they would only hit once in a blue moon. I used Epsom salts in my baths during & after treatment had finished but it’s always best to follow the advice offered by your treating team. Just remember your body has been properly put through the ringer these last few weeks & it’s going to need all the energy you can muster to heal so although I know it boring it’s really important that you get lots of rest in these early days. 

    Sending lots of healing thoughts your way.