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Hi ,  I am 5 weeks out from chemoradiotherapy .  I have bilateral thigh lymphedema and pelvis.  I am going to massage therapy and wearing compression garments.  I can’t wear the garments for too long as the radiation zone gets irritated.  I started yoga 2 weeks ago and it has been helpful for my mind & body.  I am just wondering if anyone experienced the same issue. I was T2,N1, M0 and had boost dosing radiation .

Best , 


  • Hello Wendy

    I didn't experience this, but it sounds most uncomfortable and I am sorry you are experiencing this.  I hope that the massage therapy helps and hopefully once the radiation zone recovers from treatment you may be better placed to wear the compression garments.

    I am really hoping that someone picks up on your post and can offer a bit more help than me.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Wendy,

    I'm so glad you've finished treatments, but dang! I can't imagine trying to stuff myself into compression garments that close to Ground Zero!

    For so long- and still, sometimes- yoga and stretching are all I could manage, and I credit it with keeping me sane. I've kept up the practice of starlight yoga every night that weather permits, including winter, and love it so.

    I'm sorry I can't offer practical advice, but hope someone reads this soon who can.