Newly diagnosed, any advice on prolapse??

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Hi all,

sorry to jump straight in talking about my insides but figured you guys will understand more than most! And I’m not sure if prolapse is the correct term. It was written in one of my results and thought it sounded correct!

I have a growth that comes out when I have a bowel movement. Sometimes it will go back in relatively quickly, other times it’s stuck outside of my anus for hours on end. It’s so uncomfortable and I’m worried I’m doing myself more damage.

Any helpful hints? I have a EUA on Monday and I’m going to pretty much beg they remove as much of it as possible now the scans are all complete but I’m not convinced they will.

take care all,


  • Hi, KayleighKernow, welcome to the group.Have you been told what the prolapse is? Sorry I can’t help you with that but am sure when you have your EUA I am sure they will know what best to do. Good luck for Monday


  • Hello Kayleigh

    My tumour was much further up and stayed put but I can understand how uncomfortable it is when you have ba bowel movement.  And it isn't as if you can stop one of the body's most basic functions.  I hope you get some relief today.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Kayleigh, what's turned out to be a stage3 SSC anal cancer has been protruding from my back passage for 3 years, was misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids then and told to try pushing back in, so I know hoHeart uncomfortable this is but I wouldn't try to push it back in just in waiting until you have been examined properly xx good luck Heart