Day 17

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Good morning everyone 

I’m now on day 17 of treatment  and as some of you have experienced , now have the pain , the sore bum , broken skin etc 

A lovely nurse yesterday said I needed a lot stronger cream than was given by the oncologist last week and also referred me to a dietitian.. 

The intense pain , I can just about cope with , it’s the walking about or waddling I’m struggling with !! Lying sideways on the bed is bliss but daily Ubers to the hospital are hell to negotiate .. will the strong cream work and how long before it brings relief ? 
Take care 

Chrissie xx

  • Hi Chrissie,

    Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some pain now. I was prescribed codeine for pain relief, which manages my pain well except for when I have to go to the toilet.  Is it general pain or from the broken skin?

    I’ve been using Flaminal Hydro for my broken skin and have Flaminal Forte if I need to dry anything out (haven’t used this as yet). 

    I hope you manage to get some relief.

    Georgie x

  • Thanks Georgie ,
    i have broken skin around my bottom and red raw in vulva area .the doc prescribed flaminal , and will prescribe pain meds this week .. I am so grateful for this forum helping me bring some normality back .. you feel like it’s only you !!!

    Hope your aches and pains are settling down now ?

    take care 

    Chrissie xx

  • The pain is terrible but it does get better remember that I was in pain 3 weeks after my treatment finished but the you do see light at the end of the tunnel 

  • Thank you for your reassuring post … so many different side effects , chemo , radiotherapy , anxiety !!! 
    take care 

    Chrissie xx

  • Hi  ,

    It really is a bit pants when you get to the point where the discomfort kicks in isn’t it? Hopefully the Flaminal cream that you’ve been provided with will offer you some relief (I also used Flaminal) but if it doesn’t then make sure your treating team know this, they have an arsenal of other lotions & potions that can be prescribed as it’s not really a one size fits all situation & hopefully a change in pain meds will help too although remember if you’re prescribed any of the opiate based pain relief then have a stock of stool softeners on hand too as you may find you end up constipated & you really DO NOT want that happening, take it from someone that knows!! I was pretty lucky in the fact that this kind of discomfort didn’t really kick in for me until my very last treatment but my treatment was 5 days shorter than the standard so that was day 23 for me, I remember I was walking like John Wayne for the next 11 days & sitting had to be approached very gingerly! 

    I hope you find some relief soon. 


  • Chrissie

    During my radiotherapy I remember walking alongside this man to the radiotherapy department and every step he took he gave an audible groan, and I thought, that poor man is having pelvic radiotherapy.  He looked like I felt.  And these last few days whilst the side effects are kicking in, just keep your calendar close by and mark off the days.  I travelled with an air cushion which helped, but the waddling and struggling will be with you for a little while yet.  BUT well done you, you have broken the back of this, and the relief when you no longer have this journey is overwhelming and you can just lie back an d rest and heal.

    If the skin is really broken, Polymem foam dressings may help, my tissue viability nurse gave me these and I used them everywhere the skin was broken along with Flaminal Forte cream.  And don't forget the stronger painkillers too, remind your doctor when you see him as now isn't the time to struggle.

    In a few weeks you will look back on all of this and shake your head; it seems never-ending at the time but things do get better, healing accelerates and the pain dissipates and the rest of your life beckons!

    Gentle healing hug

    Irene xx

  • Ahhh thanks Irene , 

    I’ve just started taking paracetamol and flaminal gel ..

    I know the next few weeks will be tough but I can’t thank you all enough for the advice and encouragement to get through this … 

    Hope you ok ?

    take care 

    Chrissie xx

  • I'm fine, thank you!  You take care too, be very kind to yourself.

    Irene xx