Week 4

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Hi everyone ,

sorry to be asking you all again !!! 
I’m going into week 4 , the pain I expected but did any of experience feeling cold .constant fatigue  , lack of any appetite and a sore eye !!!?

any tips to push me to the finishing line , would be appreciated

take care 

Chrissie xx 

  • Yeah, things tend to get really dire around this point. I'm so sorry you're getting hit with so many of the dreary side dishes to the unappetizing Feast of the Fiery Butt.

    I was always a shivery person, which I blamed on my island childhood. Menopause reversed that, making me much more robust in winter weather. The along came Anal Cancer and all its friends, and now I'm once again a shivery person. My solution was (and continues to be) to buy every single soft fleecy blanket I encounter on sale and have them available in every room of the house. 

    There is no fleecy soft blanket that I do not love. So do the cats.

    This did not pass, although it eased. 

    With fatigue, too, there' s not much to be done about it except give in to it. I learned there are very few things that can't be put off. Your entire body is literally under assault and you simply have to let it rest when it wants (demands) it. It'll probably linger and continue to ambush you at odd moments, but it WON'T always be this bad. Grab one of those blankies and take a nap.

    When I lost my appetite I lived off Ensure, apple sauce and rice. Just make sure you keep drinking enough water to counteract the opioids. This too shall pass. 

    The sore eye is interesting. I had that happen a couple of times, a little before and then during recovery. I hadn't connected it to the cancer stuff, but I wonder if it was? It was a giant PITA, endless hours of draping my face in cool damp cloths, trying antibiotics and antihistamines, but not much helped. Are your eyes swollen? Any discharge? I'd for sure let your cancer team know about it. You don't need any additional mizry right now.

    This part of dealing with this awful cancer is just one step at a time, one moment at a time, one nap at a time. I found that even trying to plan or anticipate a day was too much. 

    Zero your focus in to your immediate needs. Everything else can wait.

    Hang in there, hon. We're all wrapping you up in warm astral blankies and support.



  • Ahh thanks for that Suz ..

    you do wonder if these things are related to our cancer !!! ? 

    My hot water bottle has been filled that many times , and drinking bovril , tea and water .

    The eye is a funny one , not swollen just sore , if life was normal , I wouldn’t give it a second thought !!

    I do appreciate the help from yourself and others who have been there , done it and got the t shirt , or in your case Suz , the fleece 

    take care 

    big hugs 

    Chrissie xx

  • Hi  , I suffered with a lot of fatigue from around halfway through my treatment, I would have an afternoon nap & I was in bed by 9pm most nights & slept pretty well at nighttime. Regarding feeling cold, the sore eye & lack of appetite do you feel you have a temperature at all? Are you taking your temperature regularly? I was told whilst on the chemo tablets to take my temperature twice daily to pick up any rise early because of the risk of infection due to low immunity. The symptoms you’re experiencing may be the beginning of an infection although they could also be due to you approaching the business end of your treatment & all of your body’s energy is being drained due to the toxicity of the combined chemo & radiotherapy but my advice would be to get checked out just incase you’ve got something brewing. Getting some meal replacement drinks prescribed would be a good thing if you’re struggling with lack of appetite at least this way you’ll be getting the calories, vitamins & minerals you need when you don’t feel like eating. Hope you’re feeling a little better soon. 


  • Hi Nicola , 

    hope you are well ?

    I take my temperature twice a day , so not an infection , just think paranoia setting is , as everything I’m feeling is being put down to this journey .. 

    have a peaceful weekend , 

    take care 

    Chrissie xx

  • That’s good that your temperature is ok just try & get as much rest as you can, hopefully this will pass.