Vaginal Bleeding

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Hi there,

Ive just finished week 5 of my treatment and now have some vaginal bleeding.  Is this something anyone else has experienced?  I’m on HRT so shouldn’t be having a period but that’s what it seems like.

many thanks 

  • Hello Georgie6775

    I was way past menopause when I had my treatment, so I am sorry I can't help.  I hope someone in your age group picks up and can advise.  I would mention it to your treating team too, not that I think anything is wrong but to reassure you.

    And well done too - only three days to go!  Although you might be feeling very sore and tired right now, very soon there will be no more daily visits and you can get on with the business of healing and getting back your life.

    Hope you get some answers.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Georgie,

    Like Irene, I was past menopause (long past) so no vaginal bleeding and it would have freaked me out!

    I'd for sure call your team and find out if you need to be seen.



  • I didn't bleed once my treatment had started and haven't since but my team said I could do. I'm 36 and had regular periods before so they said it wouldn't be unusual if I did. Xx

  • Thanks for the replies. I called the emergency number on Saturday and they said to keep an eye on it, monitor my temperature and to contact them if it got worse. It didn’t and seems to have stopped now so maybe it was a breakthrough peri-menopausal bleed. I have clinic today so will mention it again. I’m 48 and they also said vaginal bleeding was a less common side effect of the treatment.

  • Well done on getting to this point. Hope you aren't feeling too bad. At the stage you are at I did have a lot of vaginal symptoms including a feeling of constant pressure and discomfort there. My cancer was abutting my vaginal and so I was very anxious about any symptoms and they all turned put to be 'normal'. Not long to go and things like that should clear up fairly quickly though don't be alarmed they don't. I still had issues with my groin and genitals until about march and finished treatment 2nd Jan. My anal area was actually the first bit to heal though I still get some pain when using the toilet. X

  • Funny, I was just reading in my journal today, back to when I was in treatment, and at week 2 I had pressure and cramping, very similar to menstrual mizries. 

    I'd forgotten that.

    I'm glad I kept track of it while it was happening. It's good for me to go back and remember how it was. It helps me realize that I really am getting better.

    And the womb heaviness did pass fairly soon.