Stoma op booked!

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After great deliberation and much supportive help from the amazing colorectal team at our local hospital, I am booked in early June for a colostomy.  After giving the matter so much thought, I decided I couldn't carry on with the problems I have had after radiotherapy.  My anal stenosis has got to the stage where it almost rules my life and I thought anything has to be better than this.  I take hope that in future strange 'farts' emanating from me will enhance my reputation no end with my young grandsons who have all been with me every step of the way!


  • Irene, I hope it's a relief to you to have the big decision made, and now to step forward boldly. You have looked at this from all angles and taken in all the info relevant to you. You are bold and brilliant and amazing.



  • Hi Irene I had one 3nd Jume last year and although not a perfect situation I get on with it and don't have the pain and problems other people have suffered just one tip don't be super woman and try to do too much which I did and had a hernia 

    Good luck you'll soon get the hang of it and get into a routine x

  • Hi Irene I had a stoma June 2nd last year and although not an ideal situation I get on with it 

    It did save me from lots of pain during my radiotherapy and you do get into a routine just don't try and do too much which is what I did and had a hernia but in the scheme of things it's minor good luck I'll be thinking of you and let me know how you get on xx

  • Irene, I know you won’t have taken this decision lightly & I really do wish you well for your surgery.

    I recall one of the many conversations I had with my lovely oncologists about my role as a MacMillan volunteer here & how I considered myself very lucky not to have the longer term bowel/toilet issues that some people suffer with following the radiotherapy that we’re given &m, his reply was that anyone that suffers these side effects long term should be given the opportunity of at least having the conversation about colostomy/stoma surgery. He went on to say how it can offer all kinds of relief, from pain & discomfort connected with bowel movements to giving a person their life & total freedom back. 

    I know you will keep us updated on how you’re going, just know I’ll be thinking of you. 

    Sending lots of healing wishes your way.


  • Hi Irene after reading how you have had to cope with the stenosis these many months I think you have done the right thing for your future. I send you a virtual big hug and can see your future becoming much easier without the worry of toilet issues.


  • Hi Irene

    I know you will have thought it all through very carefully before making your final decision. I hope everything goes well with your op and you’ll soon honestly soon get the hang of it. This will hopefully transform your life for the better which can only be a good thing, and you won’t be ruled by the loo! 

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi Irene, I just wanted to say I had a stoma operation in Jan 23 and this year bought it a birthday card! I love it so much and it is such a relief to have more control and confidence when out and about! I am sure reading what you have been through and how you have dealt with everything up to now you will be fine! All the best with the op!xx

  • Thank you all for your lovely good wishes, I know I have gone on at length about my problems and I am hopeful that this will see an end to it.  I saw the stoma nurse at the hospital today and she was so reassuring.  I told her my husband was totally on board with this and had said to me he has to see it as he needs to know what to do if I am ill!  So she has invited him to join us both on the ward and she will run through it all with him too.  He isn't at all squeamish and wants to know how best he can help.  it is interesting that your oncologist said this to you; I remember you saying your hospital is rated outstanding as is mine.  They have given me so much care and attention and the consultant who is doing the op advised me to think about it last year, but that he would try anal stretching first.  It is 26 months since my radiotherapy and if anything things have got worse.

    If you lived nearby in a few weeks you would see me out walking my dog, if not at the crack of dawn a lot earlier than 2 or 3pm!

  • Glad your so positive it's onwards and upwards let us knowhow you get on  xx

  • I love that!  A birthday card! xx