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I'm about 14 weeks post treatment. First scans have shown excellent treatment response but I was wondering if anyone else experienced a sharp pain when opening bowels following their radiotherapy. My pain had gone but now I'm getting a pain almost as of I'm tearing when I use the toilet. 

Thanks in advance for your support. 


  • Hello Feather 653

    I am over two years out and can honestly say my bowel movements are never entirely comfortable - not terribly painful but neither are they the same as they were BC.  At 14 weeks out I was definitely still experiencing pain, not as immediately after radiotherapy but not at all comfortable.  Which prompts the question, are you constipated?  If I ever pass a hard stool it is definitely painful and accompanied by some fresh blood, I avoid this normally as I still have a daily dose of Laxido to keep my stools soft and very skinny (I have anal stenosis).  The new skin externally and internally is very fragile and even a small hard stool hurts.  I would mention it at your next check-up if it is still painful.  In fact if you are worried about it, give a member of your treating team a ring and talk it through with them, they are normally very responsive and can put your mind at rest, or see you sooner.

    Best of luck!

    Irene xx

  • Hi Feather 653

    it is as Irene says.  I'm just coming up to 1 year post and clear of the cancer at moment and I still rely on Laxido and occasionally also use Loperamide when things go too far the other way.  Its a constant juggling act. If I'm slightly constipated then I get bleeding - from the scars tearing I guess.  I have slight anal stenosis they said and it means the days of easy toileting are over.  Try not to strain - use stool softeners and let gravity do the work! I think the damage done by radiotherapy is quite extensive for most but its the cost of being cancer free I think. Frustrating.  Tell the oncologist at the next appointment.  Also think about your diet.  What I eat has a huge impact and as I said, its a juggling act.  Take care x

  • HI Feather,

    I'm 2 years out and I still can't use toilet paper. I take stool softeners every day but still get occasional pain and bleeding, and always have to use the bidet or cleansing lotion when I move my bowels. 

    I'd hoped to return to a Normal Butt, but thus far, I still have a very High Maintenance Butt.

    That being said, things are still way better than prior to my diagnosis, and to the recovery period after treatment. 

    I still hope for Normalcy but have had my expectations sharply readjusted.



  • Hi, I think some find it helpful to open your bowels into warm water by using a sitz bath which fits over the loo seat. Maybe someone on here has tried this?

  • Thanks so much for all your comments. The pain is not so bad that I would need to do that. Its just a short, sharp pain at the very start of the bowel movements often accompanied by a small bleed. It's not so much the pain as the fear that iteans recurrence which is the issue. Tha is so much for your responses xx