Recently diagnosed 'Invasive' Anal Cancer (SCC) with mets to lymph nodes, liver (several small lesions) and lun (one spot)

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Hi Everyone

As the title states, last week (following a scan) I was officially diagnosed with "invasive" anal cancer - stage 4 -which has spread

to the lymph nodes, liver and lung.

I met with my recently assigned oncologist for the first time Tuesday and after a lengthy conversation and after taking into account my general health both physical and mental 

the doctor gave me two recommendations.

- Immunotherapy


- chemotherapy (using capecitabine)

It is either or

What appeals to me is that immunotherapy is less toxic but it takes longer to see results and there is a possibility it won't work and chemo is the most likely to shrink my (painful) tumor and I would get pain relief if it shrinks.

what are your thoughts, opinion, feelings, of the two different approaches?

If these options had been offered to you, which would you choose and why?

Many thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Hi  sorry for the delay . 
    No I wasn’t offered other treatments ( apart from the clinical trial which I was unable to proceed with ) 

    Im hoping this cycle of treatment is effective. I‘m certainly feeling better and have tolerated it quite well . We’ll see . 
    Good luck with your treatment too and wishing you a successful outcome .