6 weeks post treatment

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Good evening Macmillan 

I'm six week post treatment this week and wanted to check in and share my progress in the hope that it helps others. Its been a long road but I feel like I'm getting there. The soreness in my bottom has mostly gone though I am getting a little bit of it when I poo. I'm back to being constipated again and need to get on the lachulose.

My genital area has been the most sore throughout the whole experience. It is still the last of my areas to heal and my groin line and parts of the skin around my private area are still irritated and painful to touch but it is a lot better than it was.

In myself I'm feeling good. I started the Macmillan run 29 miles in February challenge to raise money and also get me active again and I'm pleased to say I Will complete it with time to spare. I've raised £411 so far and have ran 19.8 miles.

I'm even having sex! Sorry for the TMI but I know there will be people reading this who, like I was, are worried that they will never get there again. I'll be honest, I'm still nervous about it but starting slow and communicating is working. 

On Thursday I've got an appointment at the hospital with my consulting team. It just says a follow up on the letter and I have to have bloods. It doesn't say it is a scan. I'm very anxious about this appointment and wondered if anyone knows what it might involve so I can be prepared. 

Thanks again to everyone in thus forum. I genuinely don't think I could have got through without you!

  • Hi  , it’s great to hear you’re doing so well just 6 short weeks on from your treatment, I’m sure you’ll have given hope to others that may be reading this post & just starting out on this journey. Also huge congratulations on your run & raising the funds you have for this worthwhile cause. 

    Regarding your upcoming appointment I should imagine that your consultant will check how you’re getting on in your recovery from the treatment & will most likely do a skin check & an DRE (digital rectal examination) just to check where your tumour was. I know these examinations aren’t the most pleasant especially in the early days but it’ll be over quickly & you can carry on with your recovery. 

    Wishing you all the very best of luck for Thursday, let us know how you get on. 


  • Hello Feather 653

    A few short months ago I am sure you thought the day would never come when you could post so positively about your recovery!  You have really made excellent progress in such a short time.  And I am in awe (and more than a wee bit envious) that you are having sex!  You will be giving much hope and encouragement on others starting treatment.  And well done in raising so much money, I am really having to pinch myself that you have managed so much in such a short space of time.

    You probably won't be scanned until at least three months have passed since the end of treatment - radiotherapy carries on working for some considerable time afterwards and it is very early days for you.  I can't lie, the regular surveillance scans and check-ups continue to cause stress for most people, and I for one, am always happy that I have three months 'off' before the next one.  But these checks do mean that in the event there are any changes, your treating team will be onto it straight away.

    So happy to hear from you and best of luck on Thursday.

    Irene xx