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My mum had a stoma bag fitted 3 weeks ago, she has been in and out of hospital as very poorly wiv 3 infections, temperature, and she couldn't remember anything. Once everything was back to normal she was sent home, but she is still having problems with her stomach and her bottom. She feeling like she needs to go toilet but obviously she can't. She was told she wouldn't feel anything there because everything being diverted to the bag. She was crying again in pain with her stomach yesterday but today its mor uncomfortable. She cant sit, stand etc because of it.

Is this normal for 3 weeks after I know it takes time for everything to heal but they didn't say anything about feeling like this.thanks

  • Hi Stitch 0206

    I hope you don't mind me responding as I had a different type of cancer to Mum but I just happened to notice your post whilst on the site. 

    I am sorry to hear that mum is having problems with her stomach and bottom and is in pain. 

    I think it would be best to give the hospital a call and talk to them as she is in more discomfort today and explain that she can't sit or stand and it's not getting better. They will then hopefully either be able to give some reassurance/advice or if needed get her in and check things out. 

    I am sorry she is feeling like she is, it must be really uncomfortable. If you want to talk things through first then do give the Support Line a call and speak with one of the nurses. 

    I hope Mum is feeling more comfortable soon.



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Hi Stitch, 

    'Normal' is so......hard to define, I guess, with this disease. I haven't had a stoma so can't speak to that specifically, but 3 weeks after finishing the treatment regimen I was still suffering.

    I'd absolutely call her team and talk it over with them. Maybe it's normal per se, but hopefully they can give her more to help her cope while she's healing. Not being able to sit or stand is pretty intense.

    Your poor mum. I sure hope she finds relief soon. 



  • Hello Stitch 0206

    I would get in touch with the hospital if you haven't already done so, your poor Mum is really going through it.  I am sure that they can up her pain relief, at the very least.  Yes, things do take time to heal, but unbearable pain is unnecessary.  

    Hoping you get something sorted out for her.

    Irene xx