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My mum had a stoma in last week, it started working couple of days ago, that is healing and getting smaller so all good there, is it normal to have major cramping to the point it actually hurts. Also she bleeding alot from down below, I'm assumed it would be all the blockage from before the opp. She said she had 2 days of nothing as she was getting rid of all waste already in her bowel then she bled last night and again mid morning. 

I know she is a bit concerned she said she asked stoma nurse tomorrow as they are visiting but me and my brother are also starting to get a bit worried 


  • i didn't have any of that after mine, no pain, no bleeding

  • Hello Stitch 0206

    My knowledge on stomas is very limited but I see you already have had an answer.  There are quite a few people on here with stomas and I am sure more will be along to help.  It must be a worry for you, so I am hoping she (and you) gets a quick answer as to what is normal or not. 

    Irene x

  • Hi, I had a stoma formed in July and I also haven’t had what was described. The only thing I wonder for the cramps is whether this could be trapped wind from the op? I definitely had that and peppermint capsules worked really well for some relief. As for the bleeding, I would be concerned this could be an infection so I think it should be checked. My case is a bit different as I have a ‘Barbie bum’ and no reversal (I am presuming your mum’s is not permanent) so no bleeding from the bum. Hopefully the stoma nurse can help! Best wishes to your mum and you.

  • Hi thank you my mum stoma is permanent, she having few problems with it at moment. Apparently the bottom of it has separated so they have packed it, hopefully this helps and she won't have to go back in hospital

  • Hi stitch, have they said that the wound has dehisced? I had this unfortunately as well (although no bleeding) and it was very difficult to manage so I really sympathise with your mum. Was is APR surgery she has had? I had several months of dressings and flaminal hydrogel packing the wound on my bum. If the flaminal is not currently being used I would recommend it - I had such a quick and good response that one of the tissue viability nurses at my hospital is writing a research paper of how effective it is. I hope your mum won’t need such extensive help as I did though, fingers crossed they have caught it nice and early and they can sort her out. 

  • The stoma nurse said yesterday when he came to see her, the stitches have become loose and the bottom bit of bowel has seperated from the stomach, but apparently it is deep so they are packing and nurses coming every day to put fresh packing. It hasn't bled you can see that the bottom of it has gone into her stomach. 

    The bleeding that I said she was having down below might be from the injections she has every night apparently the stoma nurse said but its about stopped so hopefully that be it and fingers crossed the stoma is OK or it's back to hospital

  • Hi  , 

    I don’t have personal experience of a stoma however now the nurses have found what’s causing your mums issues hopefully she’ll be on the road to recovery now & feeling more comfortable very soon. 


  • Ah ok I see. I am afraid I don’t have experience of this but it sounds like they have her well monitored so really hopeful it will heal properly soon. Wounds for this type of surgery seem quite common although I know that doesn’t help you feel better necessarily. Got everything crossed it will be nicely healed soon! X