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Evening all. I have a problem and we all know when something different happens we start to worry. 28 months and feeling positive and then bam what’s happening. I noticed ten days ago I was feeling sore due to having a bout of very loose bowels. A small patch of skin swelled and wrinkled like elephant skin. I went for a routine check up and saw a different oncologist and we spoke about this discharge I have when using the dilators too. She examined me back a front and no discharge then but she said she will put me forward for a MRI and wanted me to have this before the end of December as she wanted to see me in February and should have the results by then fingers crossed. They sent me an appointment for 17th January so that didn’t happen! She said the inflammation outside my anus was probably from me over wiping during the loose bowel episode but wanted to investigate the discharge as I showed er some photos (yes I took some photos) but said it doesn’t look like blood and said possible fistula. I don’t know anything about those. Two days later the sore broke  out in one big sore! Very wet so went to my GP. He had a look and gave me some antibiotics cream for seven days. When I tried this cream it just would not rub in the slight pussy area. Looks like a couple of blisters have formed but very tiny. Trying hard not to google but it’s so hard. I didn’t feel the antibiotics cream was working and slapping sudocrem on. The soreness is much better but just keeps looking like it wants to flare up again. I will probably go back to my GP in a couple of days and just wait patiently for my hospital appointment in February. If anyone has had similar please let me know.

  • Julie

    I don't have experience (well not exactly, but everything is sore down there for me at the mo) but PLEASE resist the urge to Google.  I am as guilty as the next person for doing this, however, in retrospect nothing I found out online did anything but worry me and turned out to be irrelevant anyway.

    I am sure if they were really concerned they would have had you back there but if you are worried, agitate for an earlier appointment.

    Big hug (DON'T google!!!)

    Irene xx

  • Ahh thank you Irene xx

  • I've had that rough elephant skin before! Not right at the anus (and a good while before the cancer), but I remember how disconcerted I was and relieved that it went away quickly.

    I think going back to your GP ASAP is your best bet.

    We need more after-care!



  • Hi  , I can’t offer any advice but just wanted to say I’m so sorry that you’re going through this uncertainty & worry again, hoping this turns out to be something that’s easily resolved.