Last day!

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Well, bloody made it, last radiotherapy session at 10:30 this morning, been a slog but for a better quality of life, had to be done

Im also seeing the oncologist today about the referral to ENT, oh and seeing the dietician as my weight has suffered quite a bit, lost around 2 and half stone and for me, thats a lot!

Anyways, Im not going anywhere yet but just wsnted to thank the people that have supported me on here, you're all such lovely souls with empathy overflowing, the world could learn a lesson, so, i hope you see this 'THANK YOU'

We keep moving forward Muscle

  • 'Stands on chair and cheers'...  HURRAH!  Happyforager2, I am sure you thought that this day would never come.  And I don't want to spoil your day but the next couple of weeks could be really quite uncomfortable and painful as the treatment carries on working, and then you really are in the healing phase.  But no more daily hospital visits, long lies and plenty of rest - and in your case food!  That is a substantial weight loss, if you don't feel like eating Ensure Plus are high calories little drinks that have all the ingredients you need and would normally get from a normal balanced diet.  You really have been so positive through all of this and let's hope you get your throat sorted out very quickly too.  Please let us know how you get on.

    So well done!

    Irene xx


    Now you're on to the slower road of recovery. Please don't disappear! We'd love to hear how you get on, and you'll be a source of hope and inspiration to folks just starting!



  • Fabulous news  , you’ve made it to the end, what a day!! Now it’s time to rest & recuperate, I hope the dietician gives you some ideas on how to gain back a bit of weight even if it’s in the form of meal replacement drinks for now & that the appointment about your throat goes well & that they can offer you some reassurance. Please keep us up to speed on how things are going. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way.