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Morning all

Just posting for a bit of reassurance following my treatment starting this week. I was fine for the first two days but now got a but of nausea which I can cope with. The worst thing that I'm experiencing at the minute is being extremely sore in the area. Everything feels swollen down there - and I mean everything. Also there is chronic itching. Did anyone else experience this? It's causing real issues with my sleep.

I've got a sitz bath on order but I'll be honest I want to walk around with an ice pack attached to myself. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Yes, I had bouts of that, both the inescapable pain AND the terrible itching. Not much help for it except Tylenol (they wouldn't give me anything stronger until a few weeks in) and Benadryl, but the NHS folks seem much more on the ball about managing symptoms. Ring your nurses!

    I did walk around with an ice pack, in one of the awful episodes before I got the cancer diagnosis. Got mocked for it by a surgeon. 

    Good times.


  • Hi  , I think we’ve all suffered the dreaded itch at different points whilst in treatment, I found taking Piriton helped loads, it didn’t resolve it completely but definitely took the edge off. When you get your sitz bath try using some Epsom salts in the water, I found Epsom salt baths really soothing for the skin reaction suffered during radiotherapy. 


  • ahhh poor you!  Take the anti sickness/nausea tablets they gave you (they usually hand out with chemo).  On Monday make sure you tell them about the soreness and discomfort and they'll give you creams for it - or ask for some.  AND don't be afraid to hit the paracetamol - especially before going to bed - it will relax you and hopefully ease the situation.  One thing I learned from going through it all - never be afraid to hit the pain killers.  Why suffer?  Don't be a hero!  Strangely enough a few nights ago I was feeling a few niggling pains - it happens occasionally still - and out came the paracetamol!

    Hugs - Carole x

  • So I rang the Christie hotline and he said I might have a fungal infection. Which is just what you need. Having gone on 111 I suspect its because I'm not drying myself properly after baths or showerSee no evilbecause the area is too sensitive to touch. Anyone got any tips for this? You are all going to be so fed up of me before this 6 weeks is up!! See no evil

  • I stood over an electric fan to get myself dry. Other people on here have suggested a hair dryer on cold setting. So maybe that would help to dry you without having to touch the area?

    We've all been in need of some quick advice from time to time, so don't worry about asking about anything that you need. Sending you love and hugs. 

    Linda x

  • Never think it. Hang onto us! We got you!

  • Hair dryers work for some. I found even that too painful. One thing that I found helpful was to air it all out when I could. Good thing we live out in the country, cuz I'd spend hours in the recliner, legs wide, and hello Miss Molly, watching the trees and the sky out of the living room window. Ceiling fan on to give a little bit of not-too-close air movement when I was really sore, but just let my poor tortured skin feel the air. 

    Also helpful to do this outside if the weather is agreeable and you've got privacy. Or plan your next career as the neighborhood Terrifying Eccentric.

  • I agree with all the above  , try a hairdryer on a cool setting, go commando whenever possible, avoid tight fitting clothing & if you feel the need for undies try not to wear synthetic materials, breathable cotton if possible, many ladies here have resorted to men’s cotton boxers. Don’t ever be afraid of asking for advice here this is exactly why we’re here to share tips etc., that help get us through, treatment & beyond, I found this kind of support invaluable when I was going through treatment so please just ask away. 


  • Hi Feather, as well as the excellent advice you have been given I also used Domeboro soak rash relief for the itch. It’s used for burns, poison ivy itch, nappy rash etc. we are told moisture on the skin isn’t good and these powders you dissolve in warm water and soak a cloth in it and wring out. Lay this on your sore bits for ten to fifteen minutes and it really helped me with the itch and removes the moisture that can turn fungal. I got mine from Amazon. 

  • Feather 653

    I didn't have itching with the treatment (I think the radiotherapy was aimed at a different place), but I have had chronic itching for another complaint, it wasn't in such a sensitive place and I was ripping at my skin with a hairbrush and I remember vividly the sleepless nights and the exhaustion.  I would mention it to the team treating you on your next visit, they are normally excellent at finding something that will help.  And if what they give you doesn't help, let them know that what they have given you isn't working.

    And get that Sitz bath to work!

    Irene xx