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Hi I’ve been to hospital today to get my wound checked out an the dr said on my notes it says the cancer hasn’t gone even though my consultant said it had!! I’m in bits my heads a mess plus might have to have plastic surgery on my wound! I’m seriously mad because no one is telling me the same thing even though I’m asking the sane questions, I don’t know what to do anymore!!!!!

  • Morning Kimj it seems like you are having a time off it with communication from your medical team. Do you have a specialist nurse in charge who you can call and find out what is going on and a plan. Do you get copies of the letters the consultants write and send to your GP? I always get a copy of the letter they send to my doctor so that any results are right in front of me. If you got those you could read them and write down questions you want to ask from the letter. Can you ring your hospital and make an emergency appointment to see your consultant and ask what’s the plan as you want it explained what is going to happen next. Try and do this this morning before the weekend to see if they can book you in and give you a date.

  • Kimj

    I agree with Jaycee12, I am sorry that there is much confusion around what you are being told.  Have you checked if your hospital have a patient portal?  Mine does and also my GP.  With my GP I can log in and see copies of of every letter they receive from the hospital so I know exactly what is going on.  And the specialist nurse is normally good for information too, if they don't know they often check with your consultant.

    Having plastic surgery on your would mightn't be a bad thing if it means you get the would healing properly.  But please take it further with the hospital about the conflicting accounts that you have been given about your cancer, no wonder you are so worried.

    Let us know how you get on, I am thinking of you Kim.

    Irene x