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I was hoping for some sort of progress report from my oncologist in my first review. I was told I wouldn't get feedback until 6 weeks after my treatment finishes so I have to be patient. As I'm undergoing radiotherapy every day I expected my scans to show what was going on. Is this everyones' experience? 

  • Morning Cazz16 in my case whilst going through treatment I didn’t see my oncologist until after treatment stopped and my next appointment was with the oncologist for a physical examination and then a scan to confirm it had worked. It is very frustrating with waiting between scans etc. I believe that they have to wait a bit as the radiation therapy continues to do its work and you will have inflammation going on in your body and they need that to settle. I think six weeks is about right.

  • Thanks for that Jaycee. Patience is not my strong point. 

  • Hello Cazz16

    Yes!  The waiting is awful but it is par for the course with this treatment; in fact the radiotherapy goes on working for some months after the course is competed so changes (and tumour disappearance) can been seen some months down the line.  We all sympathise, it's totally nerve-wracking but necessary.

    I hope the time passes quickly for you.

    Irene x

  • Hi  ,

    I saw my oncologist or one of his team every Monday when I had my bloods checked throughout treatment although it was really only a skin check & medication review, I think different hospitals & oncologists all have their own way of working although it’d be much easier I’m sure if they all worked from the same schedule especially from the patients point of view! I know I’m repeating what’s already been said but it’s the general consensus that you’re not scanned until 6 weeks post treatment as the radiotherapy is still doing it’s thing for quite a while after that last session & there'll also be an awful lot of inflammation going on so scans would possibly not be as clear as they’d like them to be until that 6 week point. It’s also not unusual for there to be some residual disease after that last session but because the radiation keeps working for some time after it’s often resolved by the time we get our scans at that 6 week post treatment point. The waiting right through the whole thing is anxiety inducing in itself, we all completely understand. 


  • HI Cazz,

    Have you been getting scans as well as the radiation? I didn't get scanned until a YEAR after I'd finished! 6 weeks sounds magnificent to me!

    But things are different in the good ol' US of A, where profit is the only consideration.

    Unfortunately we all have to get better at patience when dealing with this situation.

    Hang in there!