Picc line done!

Hey all, well, im home and as comfortable as can be 

Firstly, the 2 nurses were absolutely brilliant, went over everything twice with me, gave me plenty of time and safe space to air any concerns, which helps me, a lot!

The actual procedure went relatively smoothly, couple of bounce offs due to my vein being stubborn and a couple of push outs because i needed to relax my arm more, as far as I was concerned and in that position, that was relaxed lol couple of breaths and it was in and done, overall as well as could be expected, district nurse due tomorrow

We keep moving forward 

  • Happyforager2

    I am pleased that it went well relatively smoothly (my sympathies with the vein problems, apparently I have tiny veins which always creates havoc) and now just a wait for the treatment to start.

    You are right, we keep moving forward, your treatment is next, and really, although it is fierce we are here to support, along with your treating team, every step of the way.

    Irene xx

  • Morning  well, that was an eventful night, was still wide awake at 4 this morning, overthinking that i could feel something, theres has been a little pain associated with that area, certainly not moving or swollen, i leaned on it a little funny last night and it seems to have aggravated some and thats what im putting it down to, finally managed a couple of hours from 5-8,  district nurse has just rang, seeing her sometime this morning, mine is now lovingly referred to as my 'prick' line as only a prick would keep me up at night and cause me discomfort, apologies in advance for the choice language, sometimes its just the right thing! 

  • Happyforager2

    When everything is new and strange and frightening too, sleep can be elusive in the early days, there is so much to think about and so many things going through the mind.  So I am sorry that you had a bad night, but they will check out the picc line to make sure that there hasn't been any movement.  Different hospitals have different protocols for delivering the chemo, I had oral chemo, large tablets which I took daily, so I didn't experience the picc line.

    Prick line sounds rather apt!

    Irene xx

  •   nurses not long left, all looks well, brought myself to give it a long hard stare today, gave it a bit of a pep talk!

    Its a little sore now just because the hospital dressing was on so well she had to pull and fiddle a little, my friend has just nipped to get me a hot water bottle, its bearable just a little uncomfortable, same again tomorrow but at least i will be a bit more prepared