Stage 1 cancer - HPV

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I'm very new to this and this group and was very apprehensive about writing in here. 

But I recently found out that I had stage 1 cancer - HPV after a biopsy in August. After my follow up appointment I was told they removed it and that I didn't need to worry about it. I was then given an appointment for 6 months time.

I have so many questions but also left confused that I didn't need any further treatment. Is it normal to not need treatment and for it to be removed just through the surgery?

My other concern is that, because of the location of the cancer how will I know if it spreads as it's not something I can see myself. My next appointment is for another physical examination, but what if there's something deeper and internal that they cant feel? 

I am also a few months post surgery and I still have a little bit of bleeding when going to the toilet and I have noticed a small lump or piece of skin externally that I didn't have before. I can't work out if this is another lump or a skin tag/scar tissue.

All information on HPV/anal cancer is hugely appreciated. 

Thank you 

  • Hi  ,

    Fistly welcome to the Macmillan online community although I’m sorry that you’ve had the need to find us.

    I was also diagnosed stage 1 SCC anal cancer back in February 2018, still unsure if mine was HPV related or not as apparently where I was treated they don’t test biopsies for HPV as it doesn’t alter the course of treatment offered, I have no previous history of HPV. Like yourself local resection surgery was my first call with it being diagnosed so early, at the time of my diagnosis apparently only 1 in 600 anal cancers are diagnosed early enough for surgery to be the first curative option. Unfortunately for me there was a small area of my tumour that had only a 1mm clearance, the majority had 4mm, that’s cut off for further treatment so I wax entered into the PLATO clinical trial & had a course of chemoradiotherapy. My tumour was undetectable on both of my diagnostic scans (CT & MRI) but on physical examination my colorectal surgeon said he could definitely feel it there. I’ve now been discharged from surveillance (5 years post treatment) but still keep a check on thing’s usually while I’m washing in the shower. Never be afraid to call your surgeons secretary to book an appointment if there’s anything you’re concerned about, don’t sit worrying until your next scheduled appointment. 

    Please just ask if you’ve questions & between us all here we’ll try & help. 


  • Thank you for your very helpful response. So my best bet is just to keep up the regular checks myself in between appointments. 

  • Hello xvicky001x

    Now that you are here, please don't ever be apprehensive about posting here again, this is probably THE only place where each and every one of us understands completely!

    I would say, if you have any concerns at all, call the team who treated you, don't wait until your next appointment.  I don't know of many people who had just the cancer removed without having additional chemo/radiotherapy but it sounds as if they were confident that they got it all at the time.  But get the lump checked out, even if it just turns out to be scar tissue.

    Irene xx

  • Yes  the best advice I could give is be aware of your own body & if anything changes request your next appointment be brought forward just to check all is still ok & as Irene had said just to put your mind at rest get this piece of skin/lump checked out or you’ll just continue worrying.