Update on my journey

I have posted previously regarding reoccurrence of cancer during recovery from dual therapy 

I seen the consultant and Surgeon regarding my Mri result. 

Consulant told me at the  MDT meeting the radiologist said the option that it could be a ulcer from Radiotherapy( I finished Radiotherapy end feb) could  re scan in couple months. 

Consultant said he is concerned and wanted to see me. 

Examined by both him and Surgeon.  Decision was made  for biopsy in couple weeks to see 100% before next steps can be decided. 

If cancer the surgery will he removal of anus and remove whatever else is affected and stoma fitted. I understand this is a huge surgery. I got a good 4 weeks before I'll know so anxiously got to wait this out again. 

Jinnie x

  • Kirsty, you have really been through the mill, I have read your profile too.  Thank you so much for detailing this in case anyone else comes along with your profile, it will be enormously helpful to them.

    I am so relieved that you have recovered from the sepsis, everyone must have been on high alert for you at the hospital and it is such a relief to know that you are surrounded by caring staff, you certainly need (and deserve) nurturing.

    I am keeping everything possible crossed that everything is clear.

    Big hugs

    Irene xx

  • Hi Suz,

    Thanks for having a read! It’s quite cathartic to me actually and I think will help me remember how far I have come (hopefully) in the next days/weeks/months. Also I hope it shows that it is a mammoth op but they would not offer it if they weren’t confident with the outcomes. 

    Best wishes


  • Hi Irene, yep I do feel like I have been hit by a few trains! 

    I found   had a similar useful account so will try and keep up myself in case anyone else also finds the same.

    I am off the antibiotics now but will see how it goes. I will take literally whatever I need because this is very hard and painful, no two ways about it!

    Best wishes


  • Hi  ,

    Can I just say this is an amazing thing you’re doing, making an account of your recovery from such major surgery will be so helpful to others facing the same & also I should imagine be quite therapeutic for yourself. Have you considered doing a blog? 

    I know it’s very early days & it can be a bit of a haul but I’m wishing you a problem free & speedy recovery. 

    Thinking of you. 


  • Holding you extra close in my heart today, Kirsty, as you navigate the morphine express. Stay ahead of the pain!

    Big hugs