Post treatment menopause symptoms restarted

Im getting menopause symptoms post treatment, dual therapy finished end Feb. 

Hot flashes and sweats Sweat 

I've come through menopause and thought that was it but seems that Radiotherapy has restarted it. Anybody else had this ? 

Please see me previous post as I've also got reoccurring cancer within 4 months of finishing, I'm waiting to see consultant and surgeon to tell me how far its travelled and where and what treatment is planned to get rid of this invader


  • Hi Jinnie,

    I'm so sorry that you're getting the whammy of post treatment misery AND menopause.

    I'm 64 and had early menopause, in my early 40s. Seems like so long ago. And yet, yes, many more hot flashes cropping up once more. Weirdly, putting on makeup or trying to navigate earrings (just got them pierced for the first time last summer and I don't know how to Girl) seems to be bring them flaming on!



  • Hi Ridetbred

    Thank you for your reply. I thought at 1st I was imagining my symptoms. Travelling in car I blamed my hubby for putting heated seat on in the car. He hadn't it was me having a flash. They just come up anytime of the day nothing specific start them. Sorry to hear yours at your girlie times, that's a pain. 

    I can't be bothered most the time to have girlie time so fed up with pain in arse and other side effects and worried about what future holds. 

    Jinnie x

  • Hello Jinnie

    I had the sweats really badly during the night but that was whilst having radiotherapy and your post has just reminded me, I used to soak through my nightdress.  That eased off when treatment ended, and I am sorry that these have started again for you, as if getting the menopause once isn't bad enough! 

    I would mention it when you see the consultant, do you have long to wait?  I will be thinking of you when you see them, please come back and let us know the plan, or indeed if you just need to let off steam - we have all done it.

    Irene xx

  • I wanted to say I have never heard of a sitz bath. 

    Why on earth don't nurses tell you what can help prior to treatment ? 

    I bought a peri bottle which I heard from a friend, I had no actual advice from Radiotherapy nurses only given creams. Although I had reviews weekly and told them of problems going to no 2 s 

    It baffles me Why ? 

    I've never met another person who has got or had Anal Cancer, but nurses surely would of. 

    Sorry I'm having a rant, I'm so anxious for my surgeon appointment Wednesday, not sure what's ahead.

  • Hi Jinnie, I am sorry you don’t seem to be getting much support from your team and that’s why this site is so valuable where we can share tips on what we found helpful. I am assuming the nurses are not well up on what to do because our cancer is quite rare. I didn’t meet anybody at my hospital during treatment who had anal cancer. Apart from online I have not met anyone at support groups either who have had anal cancer and you can feel pretty isolated. Rant all you like as this site is great for letting off steam. My oncologist said she has seen very few cases so I suppose experience is limited. Creams are trial and error and I found many I couldn’t use due to irritation from the cream. The one the gave me in the end was flamigel hydro. Good advice on the sitz bath. I wore harem trousers and cotton soft boxer type knickers a size too big. I used a soak called domeboro which come in sachets which helped the dreadful itch and when diluted you soak a cloth in it and wring out and just place on your sore area for fifteen minutes. As with the sweats I found hot drinks and sugar were triggers. 

  • Thank you for replying.

    I'm not sure I'm getting the full package of care as you say they don't know about Anal Cancer. 

    I have the number for "my nurse specialist " But only seen her once since diagnosis that was 2 weeks after my treatment ended. (End Feb) 

    I have rang in on 2 occasions since to speak to on call team (who I've never met) re side effects. 

    She came in room and said not sure why your sitting like your in pain, it should be subsiding by now. 

    That put me off her straight away! On my last radiotherapy the nurse just said all finished now, thats your last one and I left. 

    I noticed some people ring the bell at end of treatment ? 

  • Ohh Jinnie that nurse was so rude and unempathic. Reminds me of when my mum said when she was having her first baby she cried out in pain and the midwife said for goodness sake you’re only having a baby! I do feel we should speak out when these nurses behave in such ways. My nurses were brilliant and I remember the first meeting I had with my nurse she said we are with you all the way Julie and I felt like crying and said I want to give you a hug but because we were still wearing masks I couldn’t and she said I want to hug you too! Sadly different hospitals have different ways and mine didn’t have the bell ringing and my only complaint would be one toilet available for so many patients. Have you got a Maggies at your hospital or a patient support office like PALS?

  • Thanks Jaycee 

    It sounds like your experience with nurses has been much more pleasant than mine. She was rude and didn't have a clue what I was going through and still going through. No advice from her apart from take more pain relief. 

    I work for NHS and feel that letting someone leave after brutal treatment ends without giving any advice apart from loads of bumph leaflets at the start is a bad show. 

    I haven't had any nurse give me and moral support like you had. How lovely of yours to show you some empathy. 

    I've been since end Feb now battling on feeling low and deserted. 

    We do have a Maggies which I visited when I was having treatment, Ladies I have met there so far are all breast cancer patients. I went on looking good feeling good session there again all BC ladies. I feel alone. 

  • Jinnie I am horrified at the lack of care from your 'nurse specialist' (I use inverted commas deliberately...)  At one point. after treatment, I had three people in the room looking at my bits - the tissue viability nurse specialist, the specialist nurse, and the hospital photographer to take photographs to be used as examples in training sessions for treatment for radiation burns for which I was more than happy to oblige (no mugshots were involved!)  And they were involved weekly until I was healed, they were particularly concerned about a sacral sore and threw everything they had at it.

    BUT, I read about the Sitz bath on here and I could not have functioned without it.  I still have it sitting on top of my bathroom cabinet, and my daughter had it after she had haemorrhoids removed and was in a lot of pain.

    They didn't do bells at the radiotherapy department I was treated at either, but I don't think I could have mustered up a grin as I limped out!

    I suppose one of the drawbacks of having a rare cancer is the lack of information, however, other cancers have pelvic radiotherapy, so I am surprised there isn't more out there to help people cope.

    Irene xx

  • I also limped out after the last treatment, but wondered if it was certain patients that had that bell ringing to celebrate finishing treatment. 

    I've not been invited in to see the "nurse specialist "  have they just missed me ? Was I supposed to see her ? I don't know. 

    I had a wound size of £2 from a biopsy and no one monitored that during treatment, actually none checked me at all. Just given creams. 

    I have No communication with any of the team, only when I see consultant appointments. (Once since diagnosis. 

    he rang to say cancer has reoccurred after my 4 month mri   So no one to talk that through with. That's was 4th July and seeing consultant and surgeon on 19th. I'm assuming it's surgery next. 

    It's pretty poor care really. 

    I must say Thank you for replying and letting me rant and moan 

    Jinnie x