Pre assessment before treatment.

Today my wife had her pre treatment assessment.

Concerned that the nurse on the chemo day unit thought the prescribed 4000mg of Capecitebine was a very high dose.

She is officially stage 2 localised and no spread into lymph nodes although they are swollen.

Its probably nothing but when the chemo staff seemed surprised and concerned it kinda makes you worry.

  • Hi  ,

    I always thought that capecitabine was calculated on body weight but I might be completely off the mark. I can’t remember off hand what the dosage was that I was given but I’ll have a look through my paperwork & see if it’s written anywhere. Did the nurse on the chemo unit not offer to query it for you? If not I would give your wife’s oncologist a ring or her specialist nurse if she’s been assigned one & just mention your concerns. 


  • Hello Timewarrior

    I'm afraid I can't remember the dosage I had, everything around that time is a bit of a blur.  But as Nicola says, don't hesitate to raise the issue and get an answer you are both happy with.

    I am sure your will both be relieved that treatment is underway.  Please let us know how she is, or if you need any advice; we are all experienced in the path she is on.

    Irene x