Anoscopy fail?

My dr performed an anoscopy after he performed fistula surgery and told me to do sitz bath for a month.  He said ill see you in a month.  If the sitz bath arent working for the pain, what are the chances the anoscopy failed to detect or see something when it was being performed by him?

  • What do you think i should do in the mean time suz?  When drs examine patients with anoscope or instruments that are inserted at bottom to look around bottom area, what could they miss then?  If the devices they use to examine cant see sometjong, would it be possible that something internally is causing the problem or the problem is something all together something else?

  • Hi David,

    I really think you should call your own treatment team and let them know your anxieties and ask them detailed questions. Of course something 'can' be missed, medicine isn't an exact science and doctors aren't infallible, but I don't know how to give you the absolute assurance you're seeking.

    There are always maybes and coulds and possibilities. In the absence of evidence of something being missed, I think your best bet is to focus on healing and finding ways of dealing with the pain, and remaining as optimistic as you can. I sure wish I had a magic pill to offer you.


  • Then whats the point of using anoscope if its not 100% effective then?  

  • Hi  ,

    I think that Suz is correct in what she has said you really do need to speak with your treating team concerning the anxieties you’re having surrounding your current situation. We are just a group of ordinary people that have unfortunately received a diagnosis of anal cancer & can supply hints & tips on many things along with emotional support but we aren’t medically trained therefore sadly can’t offer you the answers you’re seeking, only your medical team will be able to do this. 

    A diagnosis of any medical condition, not just cancer, is often a culmination of several tests, in my case my tumour couldn’t be seen on either of my diagnostic scans, CT or MRI but on physical examination by my colorectal surgeon could feel it was there & my biopsy was positive for squamous cell carcinoma. 

    I think once your pain is under control & you’ve spoken with your Dr hopefully you’ll feel a little more reassured that there’s nothing more sinister going on. 

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. 


  • I guess, for me, 98% is way better than nothing. 

  • But then whats the purpose of using anoscopy instruments then if theyre not 100% effective then?  If the sitz bath arent working and im feeling internal pain which isnt visible on the outside are the drs efforts in vain then?

  • Morning david96 your responses show you are very anxious and angry and having pain doesn’t help your moods. I have just had surgery and had some considerable discomfort and believe me it affects moods. You easily become encompassed with the pain and I know it’s difficult to think straight at times.  As it’s been said in your replies from members only your team can give you the answers you are looking for. We on here can only share our experiences and how we cope with them. What one recommended that worked for them may not work for me but it helps when someone here gives tips that do work. We are not medical, we are anal cancer survivors and I am aware some don’t like this term but I cannot think how to describe us best. Please for your own peace of mind contact your relevant medical team or your GP may be able to talk to you as mine has been great at times of need. I hope you soon get your worries sorted out soon.