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i am struggling with pain after a bowel movement, and wanted to see what pain relief other people have been given.

I have to wait an hour for the painkillers to work, the painkiller’s I have been given are Pregabalin and Oxynorm. I wondered if anybody uses suppositories for the pain? Really appreciate any advise.

jo x

  • Hello Jo

    I'm not sure how long you are out of treatment but I had pain for two - three months during and after a bowel movement and it still isn't what I would describe as comfortable, but nothing as bad as what you are going through.  At that time I had stopped opioid painkillers because they caused chronic constipation and I was just taking paracetamol.  But your prescription is pretty strong and I am sorry it takes so long for it to work, that must make life very difficult for you.  I hope someone will pick up and advise you better.  I think quite a few people will be following your post with interest.

    Sorry I can't help more.

    Irene xx

  • Thank you for the reply, I am really struggling with this at the moment but hope it will ease overtime 

  • Emilierose, sorry you are having pain from your bowel movements and many of us on here can fully sympathise from experience. Have you by any chance a sitz bath? Many on here have received great comfort doing their business in these little things and you just fill them with warm water and sit and when you are finished you just clean them afterwards. As regards to pain relief I was on morphine and the paracetamol and ibuprofen for quite some time after treatments stopped but took movicol every day to keep stools soft. I hope things improve for you soon.

  • Hi Jo, it's really hard dealing with the bm pain toward the end and after treatment. It sounds like you've been given a good strong cocktail, but of course, the meds also constipate. Hopefully you were given some sort of stool softener to take with them. 

    I tried just taking the Oxycodone I was given 'as needed', but by the end of the 4th week I was discovering that the hour wait-for-it-to-work was just not working for me. That's when I started taking them exactly as prescribed, on schedule, so I could stay ahead of the pain.

    Well, no, there's no staying ahead of the pain during the worst of it all, but in my case it did give me a clear hour here and there when I cold catch my breath. 

    Are you using a Sitz bath? That's one way to make the process a little, just a little easier. And a peri-bottle for cleansing, as tp is not something you want to get near. I was given a cream with lidocaine but had a reaction to it so couldn't use it. I couldn't have inserted a suppository during the worst of it. 

    At what stage are you in your treatment?

    Hope you find relief soon.


  • I have finished treatment and I am remission but the pain doesn’t lessen but I think I need to use a stool softner after receiving these replies, hopefully this will help.

  • Emilierose

    A stool softener (not a laxative) was a game changer for me.  If there is absolutely no straining it makes life much easier and may mean less pain.  I noted on a previous post that you are in remission, which is wonderful news, now just getting the after effects under control will make all the difference.  I use Laxido, I didn't find Dulcoease much good, and I buy it online - much cheaper.  Hoping you get relief very soon. 

    Irene xx

  • Hi Jo, 

    I have a stoma due SCC I’m now in remission and still have pain every day, I’m on oramorph everyday only have about 3mls but it’s enough to kill pain within 10 mins, not sure why I’m still suffering not sure whether it’s from radiotherapy or the mucus that I get everyday as it only seems to be after releasing this. 

    I’ve always sufficed with constipation and still take cosmacol which is a stool softener as still sometimes get constipated but I must say the stoma was a blessing going through treatment and still now I’m 14 months post treatment, I’m wondering will I ever free of pain 

    good luck I hope you will find something to help

    laura x x

  • I take the max (10 capsules) of psyllium husk every single day, and force myself to get 40oz of water down me. If I don't, ain't nobody wants to get near me.


  • Thank you for your reply x