Mystery lump

Hi all, I had the appointment with my oncologist who agreed to see me before my slotted appointment at the end of August. After doing so well I have an anal skin tag just inside the anal ring due to surgery before treatment. Surgery can cause skin tags but they end up usually painless. After a bout of constipation I thought I had caused a fissure as I had one before during my treatment. This tag feels like a pea and uncomfortable to touch. My oncologist said it isn’t cancer but doesn’t know what it is and asked to take photos of the mystery lump to show her colleagues. Wondering if any one else has experienced a skin tag similar. This causes pain in my buttocks and down the back of my legs. Very strange

  • Jaycee, I haven't, and I must say it is all a bit of a mystery.  The only thing that springs to mind is that perhaps the pain in your buttocks and legs isn't connected to the lump.  I say that as I have pain, I have had xrays which show 'pubic symphysis dysfunction', I am not sure that that is the actual condition but I certainly never had it prior to radiotherapy.  But all this is guess work, I've been thinking about you and hope you get some answers.

    Irene xx

  • Thank you Irene the itching is unbearable at the moment and I wish I could fit an ice cube up there! Fingers crossed I hear back from them soon and wished I had asked to look at that photo ha ha.

  • Hm. I had an anal skin tag (the start of all my woes) but it only hurt when tugged, like wiping. Had a lump in the vagina during recovery, but it went away. This might be worth running past your colo-rectal doctor as well as your oncologist in case it's a real Something but not cancer.




  • Hi Julie ( )

    I can’t offer any constructive advice as I haven’t experienced what you’re going through right now but it’s good to know your oncologist is on the case, I know you’ve said photos were taken & she’s going to discuss it with her colleagues but has she said what the plan is after that? Has your oncologist said that this is the cause of your buttock & leg pain? The radiotherapy caused me to suffer with bilateral sciatica (I suspect it caused chronic inflammation of my sciatic nerves) & this is the pain I got with that! My right side more or less resolved on its own some time ago but my left side was still troublesome so I’ve had some intensive physiotherapy which has I would say 95% resolved the left side too which is a great relief! The pain on my right side would start in my buttock & travel down my leg as far as my knee but on my left it would start in the same place but go right down to my ankle at it’s worst, it was really painful! I hope you get some answers & this can be resolved really soon. 


  • Hi Nicola, all the oncologist said was that she would get back to me so hopefully with a plan soon. The pain down the backs of the legs are not so bad now but the tingling on top of the right buttock is really annoying and I suspect the lump is pressing on a nerve. The itching is not pleasant at all! I am on antihistamine but it doesn’t seem to help. Even the instagel doesn’t numb it. Toileting I feel I have taken a back step as this lump is in the way. I showed my husband last night what the problem was and you have to laugh as both our eyes are not what they used to be and he got out the magnifying glass! I am just hanging onto the oncologist saying it’s not cancer. As this cancer is so rare I am wondering if my hospital comes up with them many cases to compare lumps. Will let you know when I hear back and if it gets to Wednesday and I haven’t heard I think I will call them.


  • I too developed sciatica after treatment (gahhhhh!!!!!!) but no one in my world ever mentioned it could be connected to the radiation treatment! Boy, am I grateful for this forum!

  • Hey Suz, I’d never suffered with sciatica prior to the radiotherapy! Although I’m eternally grateful to it, it really is the gift that keeps on giving!!