• Social distancing means no one except you will know the difference.  I padded up, wore several pairs of nix & threw caution to the windsJoy   Good luck  xx  toni

  • I love the attitude Marie (), you’ll be the most glamorous vaccination candidate there I’m sure lol. I would get some safety pants on & yes maybe a loperamide in advance, depending on appointment time, so it has time to work.… Oh the wind lol… Good luck.


  • I was ok with a biggish night time pant liner as I didn’t suffer diarrhoea although if I needed to go I still had to get there quickly, it was as if my muscles didn’t have the strength to hold onto anything so if it was coming it was coming!! I also carried some water wipes & a couple of nappy sacks to put stuff in if the worst came to the worst Poop… If you’re worried I would go the whole hog & buy some incontinence pants & put a liner in too, you’ll probably be fine especially if you take some loperamide but it’ll give you a little more confidence if you’re prepared for any eventuality. 


  • Hi  if you’re worried about an accident rather than leakage I’d go for the incontinence pads. Loperamide a couple of hours before you leave the house should work. I used to take them before going out just in case until my bowels settled. Hope you get some sunny weather Bev x

  • Good luck Marie!! You’ll look fab and no one will know but like others suggest have your just in case bag with you. I just use Tena mini pads, had wipes, spare pads and tissues plus spare knickers. The only disaster I’ve had since being back out and about was when I didn’t have the just in case bits with me. Took me ages to clean myself up!! Just make sure you know where the loos are and ask to sit by them if you have to wait. Have you got the Macmillan toilet card? I’ve not used but great to have on me just in case! I’m just so pleased to be through the worst of it now. Still urgent at home at times but overall so much better- just giving you hope! So good to be vaccined up too.....good luck Ruth X 

  •  Yay!  Welcome to the jabjab clubJoy 

    Well done for successful outing.  Are you going to dress up for Morrisons too?  xx  toni

  • Haha, definitely. I bought 6 new dresses when I was in..."I've had enough' mood. Dress number 2...Bring on the Co-op xxx