Menopause bad back

Hi , since I have been off treatment chemoradation and was off work for  4 months , been back at work while waiting to have mri and ct to see if it has shrunk down to operate , I have been having realy achy back which sometimes hard to get out of my seat at home,  I do stand all the time at work but Seams a different kind of pain like when your pregnant,  and I do get very hot in bed so normally no clothes on which to delight to my husband Grin , so is the achy back to do with menopause?or  With the chemo etc making it weak. How can I get fit ready for operation if my back is bad . Think I may need to chat to g.p 

  • Hi   and welcome to the Group.  I think it's difficult to know what  symptoms are related to the menopause  and what aren't as there's so many symptoms related to it. Definitely hot sweats in bed are on the menopause list of symptoms and so are aching joints. There is a test for the menopause called the FSH test but you generally need two some space apart to tell if you're heading for the menopause.  I would have a chat with your GP and see what he/she advises. A bad back can be caused by so many things, best to get medical advice. Bev. 

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    As Bev has said the number of menopausal symptoms are many & varied, I had awful night sweats prior to treatment although the treatment seemed to bring my menopause to an abrupt end thankfully, silver linings & all that! But I did have a very achy back after treatment had finished, mine was very low down & I’ve also got sciatica on my right side & my hips ache if I’m on my feet too long, I do have osteoarthritis in my left hip that I think has been accelerated by the radiotherapy. As Bev has already mentioned you will only know for sure if you’re in the menopause by taking a FSH test. I would voice your concerns with your GP & see what they would advise. 


  • Thanks , I had sciatica but when I had chemo and radiotherapy didn't have it which was a god send at the time .haven't had my period now for 35 days and was told I will go through early menopause I am 47. Its the knowing what is menopause or just the treatment I am having. Will phone up.g.p and see what he says.perfer a lady doctor but we don't have any thinking in speaking to the nurses instead .