My boyfriend got Diagnosed with AML yesterday after an emergency trip to the hospital. He started chemo today and he seems to be handling it better than I am. I was just wondering how others have found ways to cope and how I can help him.

  • Hi  a warm welcome to this corner of the Community although I am always sorry to see folks joining us. I am Mike and I help out around our various Blood Cancer groups. 

    I don’t have AML but I was diagnosed back in 1999 with a rare, incurable type of NHL Stage 4a so although my Blood Cancer ‘type’ is different I understand the challenges of this journey well.

    The quickness of your boyfriends diagnosis and start of treatment is not that unusual for AML but let’s look for the treatment to get things under control quickly.

    There are a few family/carers on the group so let’s look for them to pick up on your post. You can also look through the various posts (hit the main group name and scroll down) and as always you can hit reply and ask some questions and see if the member is looking in.

    Always around to chat and help as best as I can ((hugs))

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  • Hi Geogia

    Sorry to hear about your boyfriends diagnosis. 

    My wife was diagnosed in Oct 2018 following a routine blood test. She had chemo very quickly and continued having additional treatments over the coming months.

    As a carer it it difficult to deal with and to come to terms with the whole situation.

    It's very frightening indeed, but you must stay positive and help your boyfriend through what will be a roller coaster of emotions and events.

    I was a total wreck at first and very scared for my wife. This is very natural and totally understandable. My wife had 3 sessions on her regime which is quite normal, remission was achieved after the first session which is again quite normal but the process has to be completed. 

    Every patient is different of course depending on their individual circumstances but your boyfriends team will take very good care of him.

    Do you know what his markers are, by this I mean has he been told if he is NPN1 positive or Negative and whether he is FLT3 positive/negative. These markers will decide on the treatment he is given.


    PLEASE don't hesitate to post anything you would like to ask regarding your boyfriends progress and treatment, I will Try and help as much as possible.

    My wife is now over 3.5 years post diagnosis for AML and almost 12 months post SCT and doing great.

    Your boyfreind can do this and so can you, 

    Best wishes

    Fulhamboy (Nick)

    My advice to you and him is to

    1. Stay as positive as possible

    2. Ask as many questions as you can.

    3. Encourage him to eat and drink as much as he can.