AML and Parkinsons

Diagnosed this week with AML, have had Parkinson’s cfor last five years.curious to know if anyone 

aware of a connection. Also any advice for dealing with two chronic conditions, and any tips on staying as well as you can for as long as you can. !, Diet exercise?

  • I was diagnosed AML in late 2018. Declined treatment as I was fit, working and living normal life with low blood counts until recently when I was having angina symptoms worsened since I had heart attack in 2008 and was treated with stents in 2008n 2009. Cardiologist would not send for angiogram and possible angioplasty until my AML was sorted. Chemotherapy will start today. But I must say that I regularly went to gym every other day and walked 4/5 miles every day to stay fit and kept any adverse affects at bay.