Blood levels for hospital discharge post non-intensive chemo?

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Hi everyone, my dad is currently in hospital and waiting discharge following his first cycle of non-intensive chemo (Azacitidine & Venetoclax combo).

He told me on the phone that the haematologists are waiting for one of his blood levels to drop below 50 (apparently it's currently 55), but he can't remember what blood level this relates to? I've been trying to Google it but can't find the answer, so was wondering if anyone on this forum would know what the '50' reading relates to?

Thank you.

  • Hi again  and good to hear that your dad has completed his first cycle of treatment…….

    As for which of the many different blood results his consultant is looking at to reduce…….. its not that straightforward as every persons condition and general health can be ever so different…… but let’s look for him to get home soon ((hugs))

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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