AML progression to brain-mum now in remission!

Hello everyone, this post is an update on my mum’s story. I am writing this to give hope to those who have been given bad news and they find it very hard to believe that things could change :) My mum was diagnosed with AML in November 2020. She was 46 when she was diagnosed. She had intensive chemotherapy and whilst waiting to find if my aunt was a match so that she can have a bone marrow transplant her AML progressed in her brain in May 2021. My mum was told that she will die very soon and that she could not be cured just manage her symptoms and offer her comfort. She was only offered palliative radiotherapy and after that she was discharged home. My mum was really unwell, I was looking after her as she was mostly in bed she had lost her movement in her left arm due the CNS involvement and her left leg was also not working well. I was told by her doctors to spend as much time as I can me and my family with mum as they thought that she had 2 weeks to live. I immediately started my research to see if there was something that could her my mum. We were so desperate and my mum decided to start changing her lifestyle. We made a plan and  changed her diet, started her on many supplements  researched again and again to make improvements to her lifestyle and my mum is doing really well. She has full power of her arm and leg her blood counts are completely normal the doctors did a biopsy and she is in remission from AML! Her lesion in her brain is very small and the doctors think that it could be scar tissue but we are keeping an eye on it with repeat MRI scans. With this post I just want to give people hope and also tell them to listen to their bodies. Eat healthy, exercise and also do what you think is best for you make your own judgement. Listen to your doctor but also listen to your body and heart. Do not focus only on the negatives that you hear from doctors. I wish every single person all the best whilst going through such a difficult time, you are all warriors and you CAN beat this!

  • Hi , thanks for putting up this update and good to read that your mum is doing well. The journey can be hard but this challenging time can be navigated ((hugs))

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