AML in remission but now massive fatigue.

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Hello. my wife was given the great news that she is now in remission 2 months ago and is now on a maintenance dose of 100mg of Midostaurin twice a day. Her latest bloods and consultant show that her bloods are in the normal parameters and she is due a bone marrow biopsy on Dec 19th. Over the last week she has had increasing fatigue. Had anyone experienced the same both now and in the past. Thank.

  • Hi again  and good to hear about your wife and that she is now in remission.

    2 months out from treatment the body is still in recovery and you would think that the recovery trajectory should always be upwards..... but it's not that unusual for things like fatigue to come along...... the more confident she gets the more active she gets...... so her body could well just be trying to keep up with her.

    My Consultant told me that going through treatments like these was like doing a boxing match and a marathon every day over the months of treatments and this was done without any training.

    Think doing the London Marathon without any training and you had to finish it and then do a boxing match........ as your life depended on it……. this is the journey she has been on so it most likely will take much longer than you would think to get back to some normality.... but this will come.

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  • Hi Tahkah,  Pleased to hear about your wife's remission. I am similar to your wife that I have been in remmission, my treatment finished in July and my last bloods normal. I try and walk every day but still get fatigue. I have been told it can take between 6-12 months before you are going to feel as well as your going to. I had intensive Chemo and this takes a lot out of your body as Mike says!! I do get good and not so good days. But this is normal even without AML!! As time goes on I get stronger. Garry (Man)