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Hi I was 49 years old when I contracted covid march 2020 and was diagnosed with ALL 26th April 2020 I embarked on a 3year treatment program UKALL 14 which included 8 months intensive chemo and the rest on daily tablet form chemo. I went into remission August 2020 all was going well until I had a SCAD heart attack (spontaneous coronary artery dissection) In November 2021 luckily got through that and everything has healed well. My treatment finally finishes in February 2023 and I will be chemo free! The reason I wanted to post my story is that the one thing I wanted all through this is to hear stories of hope and recovery and now I’ve got my own so anyone out there with a diagnosis keep fighting! Take one day at a time! and always look for your rainbow Rainbow 

  • Thanks for sharing your story. Yes there is always hope and success stories. I was diagnosed in 2012 and treated on the UKALL14 trial (as it was at the time). 10 years later I am doing fine. Good luck going forward.


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  • Thanks for posting, my dad has just been diagnosed at 67- very worrying and heartbreaking time for us all. Hope you are keeping well.

  • Sorry to hear about your dad. Its very upsetting for family and friends. I was diagnosed with P-ALL IN 2020 age 50. 2023 and i’ve got myself back to as healthy i can be and i am back at work part time.2 years post Transplant. 

    . I was told when i was diagnosed that it’s treatable and curable. As Paul1969 said, your dad needs to take one day at a time. Good luck