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My teenage daughter was diagnosed with ALL mid May. It's been an overwhelming few weeks. Tonight I feel terrible and can't sleep. I thought I'd try to tell someone but it's late and there's no one to tell. So I came here. It is hurting so much to see her so unwell. I feel like crying all the time. I just want to look after her and do whatever I can to help her.

  • Hi JEB. 

    I am really sorry to hear about your daughter. My daughter was also diagnosed with ALL on May 13th of this year. She is being treated on a teenage cancer trust unit. I feel the same way as you do, watching your child so unwell is really hard to deal with. I keep telling myself that my husband and I have to accept Jess being so ill during her treatment in order to kill the lymphoblast cells in the bone marrow and I have to have faith that she will be okay and pull through this.

    The teenage cancer trust support workers will be a good source of support for your daughter and they can also arrange mental health support for her as well, but you can reach out as well to make sure that you have the support there for you. I went through my G.P who put me in touch with a counselling service and they have been really helpful and understand all the complex emotions we are going through right now.

    My husband has found the counselling especially helpful as he finds it difficult to open up to his friends about how he is feeling right now so it has been a good outlet for him to vent his feelings.

    I am sending you a virtual hug and love and positive thoughts.

    Loulou. x x

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your message. Sending you, Jess and your family much love.

    My daughter, Lucy, had her diagnosis on May 13th too. 

    I think I need to find some counseling as I'm finding it hard to cope with the diagnosis and the massive changes to everything.

    Take care x