I have what???

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New here and found out after 4 weeks living with a large lump in my leg, that I have stage 2 lymphoma..

I was confused at first as I thought, how can it be this when I seem not to have the symptoms like weight loss...but recently I have been in more pain as the lump is now the size of a small orange..

I also have hypothyroidism...which could mask those effects? Who knows...I am waiting to see the Hematologist next week and with hope he can fill in the blanks..

The more I know, the better I can understand..Thumbsup

  • Hi 

    Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with a lymphoma. it must have come as quite a shock for you. This forum relates to acute lymphoblastic leukaemia which is a different type of blood cancer to lymphomas so not sure if you will get much information here to help you. However, there are a few different groups for lymphomas. Do you know what type of lymphoma you have and then I can post a link for you and then hopefully you will be able to chat with people in a similar position to you and get more information and ask questions.

    look forward to hearing back from you.


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  • Hi there...

    This was the only community that showed up for me and came closest to what I know I have.

    I will be seeing the hematologist next week, so with hope he will be able to fill in the blanks...ThumbsupGrin

    Many thanks for replying...