Blog Discussion: Online results and diagnosis choices - your experiences

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" Online test results are speeding up cancer treatment and diagnosis. Options for how you receive your diagnosis are also improving. Not every option will suit every individual, and patient choice is key. 

If you received your test results online, or you have experience with receiving a diagnosis outside of the usual face-to-face consultation, we want to hear from you! "

John N - Macmillan, Service Knowledge Specialist

Over on our Community News blog today, we have a new post from . John is one of our Service Knowledge Specialists, and he works to deliver best practice within the Macmillan Nurses team. In his blog, John takes a look at the rise in NHS hospitals delivering cancer test results online, as well as the impact new services like this can have on patients. You can read about it via the link below:

How a cancer diagnosis is communicated – your experiences with online test results

If you've had an experience with receiving your cancer test results online, or you've received a cancer diagnosis that wasn't the usual face-to-face consultation, John would like to hear from you. Please leave a comment on the blog post linked above.

If you haven't had an experience with online results or non face-to-face consultations yourself, this discussion thread is a great place to share your thoughts/comments/questions. Just add a new reply below to get the discussion going!