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The Community helps people affected by cancer – whether patient, family member, friend or carer, by bringing them together to share experiences, talk to others in a similar situation, or ask our friendly experts any questions they might have about cancer.  Our Champions are a listening ear for those who need it most, helping people affected by cancer feel supported and less alone. 

In return, Community Champions receive ongoing support from the Community team. As a Community Champion, you have the opportunity to improve communication skills and digital skills through supporting others online, alongside accessing training resources from Macmillan. 

If you have a passion for helping others and are comfortable using the Online Community platform, please do get in touch by email at

  • I would certainly encourage anyone who feels that they'd like to give something back to consider being an online champion. You can spend as much or as little time as you want helping and I'm happy to explain in a little more detail what is involved if anyone wants to ask any questions.

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  • hi latchbrook, although not ready to be a community champion just yet, maybe next year. how do you know if your suitable or ready. what  does the position require from you what is the procedure for being one, take care.

  • Hi  

    Anyone who has time to spare and wants to give support to people within the community can apply to be a Community Champion by contacting the Community Team at

    I have looked at your profile and can see that you're a member of the prostate cancer group and living with incurable cancer group. If you became a Community Champion they would be the two groups that you would help out in. Basically, you'd keep an eye on posts in those groups to see if anyone needed help with questions, etc the same as you probably do at the moment. Also, if you noticed a post had gone a couple of days without a reply you'd pop on to welcome the person to the group, answer their questions if you could or point them in the right direction if you couldn't.

    Then within the general community you'd keep an eye out for things that were breaking the community guidelines and report them to the moderators for them to take action. This can be for something as minor as a person using their real name as a username up to people posting spam, etc.

    How much time you spend within the community is entirely up to you and there's no set amount that's expected of you.

    If you expressed an interest to the Community Team then you'd be given training and they and the rest of the CCs are always around to help out if necessary.

    I hope this gives you an idea of what is involved and it would be lovely if you decided to apply.

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  • thank you for your advice, i have only been on the online community for a week so will take a little time to understand it better, also i am guessing i may have some serious choices regarding treatment early next year.i was in healthcare for 15 years, 5 in cancer but that was 8 years ago and treatments have changed so much since so i should do some homework i think thank you latchbrook and take care.