Need travel insurance

Hi all. I had breast cancer last year. This year I now have a reoccurrence of breast cancer, it’s  in my lymph nodes, mets in my liver and in my lungs. I have been given 12-18 months. Looking to go to France in our motor home fit around 3-4 weeks. Also looking to go to the Maldives later in the year. I have other health conditions too: fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, I have high blood pressure and high heart rate. Don’t mind paying whatever it takes to get some sort of travel insurance. Does anyone have any ideas please? Don’t really know where to start. Many thanks  

  • Hi  

    That sounds like two great holidays you have lined up! We too like to holiday in Europe and have a campervan. It's a great way to get around. Unfortunately, it can be more difficult to find travel insurance when you have cancer.

    I don't know if you'd had chance to look through the member's stories thread yet, as it's where the majority of recommendations from other forum members are. If not, clicking on the link I've created will take you straight there.

    If you haven't already, could I suggest that you also try the Caravan & Motorhome Club's Red Pennant Insurance and the Camping & Caravan Club's overseas travel insurance. I have obtained insurance with both of these companies in the past for European trips in our campervan.

    It is best to phone the insurance companies rather than try and do online quotes as often at the end of the online quote it will tell you to phone the company and you'll then have to go through all the information again. Also sometimes the broker can refer to the underwriters to see if they would provide cover when an online quote might just give you a straight refusal. 

    Make sure you have all the information to hand about your diagnosis and treatment before contacting the insurers. This is a list of things an insurance provider might want to know when you're applying for insurance. Some providers might ask for a letter from your doctor saying that you are well enough to travel. This could come from your cancer team or from your GP and it might save time if you get the letter before contacting insurance providers.

    Let me know how you get on

  • Thank you that’s very helpful and a good starting point. Will check out this forum first, haven’t had a chance yet. Will keep you posted!