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Travel insurance

Have you had difficulty getting travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis? Or have you managed to find a reasonable quote? Join this group to share experiences and talk to people who understand what you’re going through.

Bladder cancer

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I am half way through a chemo course to reduce the likelihood of bladder cancer recurring.

I got diagnosed last year in june and had an operation then.

It showed up again in October and I had a second operation 

I then got transferred to another hospital and had a third operation under blue light and that was clear.

Technically it means currently I don't have cancer. But I am finding it impossible to find a travel insurance that will provide an online quote and also I am really worried by the size of some of the costs people have been getting

Any tips on who I should be going to?

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That's great to hear that you're cancer free. Unfortunately, as you've found, it can be more difficult to find reasonably priced travel insurance when you have had cancer.

I don't know if you'd had chance to look through the member's stories thread yet, as it's where the majority of recommendations from other forum members are. If not, clicking on the link I've created will take you straight there.

It is best to phone the insurance companies rather than try and do online quotes as often at the end of the online quote it will tell you to phone the company and you'll then have to go through all the information again. Also sometimes the broker can refer to the underwriters to see if they would provide cover when an online quote, as you've discovered, might just give you a straight refusal. 

Make sure you have all the information to hand about your diagnosis and treatment before contacting the insurers. This is a list of things an insurance provider might want to know when you're applying for insurance.

I do hope that you can get some reasonably priced insurance and that you have a great time away wherever you decide to go.


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