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Travel insurance

Have you had difficulty getting travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis? Or have you managed to find a reasonable quote? Join this group to share experiences and talk to people who understand what you’re going through.

Insurers questions.

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My Husband was one of the lucky ones. He had Colon cancer but managed to have it cut out and  Re connected. He now only has to visit the correctal nurses have a ct scan and the camera once a year for 5 years. One of the insurers questions was Is he having any further treatment  or out patients appointments. Does anyone know if  his appointments once a year fall under any of these two categories. They are only to check if the cancer comes back or shows up somewhere else.

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Hi and welcome to the online community

I'm glad to hear that your husband has had his colon cancer removed and that you're looking to take out travel insurance.

Unfortunately, it can be more difficult to find reasonably priced travel insurance when you have had a cancer diagnosis and knowing how to answer questions accurately can also be a bit of a nightmare!

It is best to phone the insurance companies rather than try and do online quotes as sometimes they can refer to the underwriters to see if they would provide cover when an online quote might just give you a straight refusal. You can also then explain about your husband's follow-up care and they can decide whether it falls under either of the categories you mentioned.

Make sure you have all the information to hand about your husband's diagnosis and treatment before contacting the insurers. This is a list of things an insurance provider might want to know when you're applying for insurance.

I don't know whether you've had a chance to look through the member's stories thread yet as it's where the majority of recommendations from other forum members are. If not, clicking on the link I've created will take you straight there. You might like to have a look through to see if there are any insurers there that you haven't tried.

Let me know how you get on


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Thank you for your advice you have been most helpful.