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I am going to Germany for prostrate cancer operation and looking for travel insurance. Can anyone recommend insurers?

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    I've looked through previous posts to see if I can find any recommendations for you. I did find threads from and who were looking for exactly the same type of cover as you a year ago. Hopefully, they won't mind me tagging them into my reply to you and will tell you if they did manage to get cover or not.

    I've also had a look online for you and found that if you type in something along the lines of "cover for medical treatment abroad" it does bring up a few companies that say they will insure people who are travelling abroad for treatment. I don't know if you've already tried these companies and found them too expensive though.

    If you do get insurance please let us know so that it can be passed on to anyone else in future.


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  • Thank you.

    The companies I have found don't cover travel for medical treatment. Will follow-up your suggestions.

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  • Update some 6 months later.

    No insurance was possible so off I went to Offenbach with my wonderful supportive partner to have the diagnoses and possible treatment in the one trip. The money was required up front to cover MRI endorectal coil,  transperineal 3D biopsy and MRI of the pelvis and nanoknife treatment - 17k euros.

    Arrived at the clinic on the Tuesday morning and after the endorectal coil MRI showed a  tiny amount of cancer the full 3D biopsy was required. The difference between NHS and Offenbach way of undertaking MRI was quite stunning - crystal clear to that of fog. 

    A full set of 61 samples in the 3D biopsy was taken with an overnight stop and discharge later following day. I wasn't sure about the need for a pelvic MRI but it was for safety/worst case scenario of a bleed. 

    Prof Stehling went over the outcome and out of 61 samples only 1 was cancerous. My NHS TRUS had 1 sample from 12 so got lucky that the NHS biopsy found the same single sample. The game changer was that the Gleeson score was 3+3 rather than Gleeson 8 from NHS diagnosis. 

    I felt a bit rough from the large number of samples but still at work on the following Tuesday. 

    A rebate followed of 8k euros.

    I had a PSA reading of 4.1 in Feb 2019 and again last month the same reading - good news. I am going to Offenbach next June for digitorectal examination and probably MRI again.


  • Hi

    I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to find travel insurance to cover your medical trip but thanks for coming back and letting us know. Can I ask the reason why? Was it too expensive or were you refused for the type of treatment you were having, etc? Just want to know in case anyone asks about this type of cover in future.

    I'm glad that you were pleased with the treatment you received.


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  • Tried lots of brokers but when travelling for medical treatment not interested.

  • Thanks for letting me know and all the best.


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     "Never regret a day in your life, good days give you happiness, bad days give you experience"
  • Update 8 June 2020

    Trip to Offenbach for June 20 annual MRI for baseline comparison was cancelled due to Covid (after hotels and flights booked including a road trip to Berlin!). Rescheduling for November. 

    My NHS urologist has agreed to provide ongoing NHS digitorectal examination and PSA blood tests. 

    PSA result in May 19 was 3.1 which is a drip from 4.1. Surprised but delighted of course.