Problem with answering the Travel Insurance Health Screening Questions for Bladder Cancer

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Why should my travel insurance quote be higher after I have been treated for bladder cancer and SIGNED OFF as CANCER-FREE than the quote while I was being treated?  My bladder cancer was diagnosed and treated successfully in early 2023 with just one rigid cystoscopy.  My annual travel insurance premium in April LAST year was very little higher on account of this.  Since then I have had 2 flexible cystoscopies as check-ups.  These have confirmed that I am cancer-free (I am very lucky) and I have been signed off.  However, when I report these 2 cystoscopies, my annual travel insurance now, this April,  is quoted as another £100 higher!  The problem is that the Verisk health Screening all the companies seem to use does not allow you to report you are cancer-free and signed off within the last 2 years and does not distinguish between cystoscopies when necessary treatment is carried out and those simply as camera check-ups.  The question they ask is  "How many cystoscopies were REQUIRED in the last year?"  My question is "Does that mean REQUIRED for TREATMENT?"  and the agents on the phone don't know, they just say "If you had them, they were required".  The screening does not distinguish between cases when you have active cancer and when you are cancer-free.  Has anyone else had this problem and manged to get a definitive answer as to how to interpret the question?

  • Hi  comparison sites tend to use the same algorithms so getting a clear price can be difficult and it’s not that unusual to be turned down or told to call the insurers. 

    It is actually more effective to call a few insurers directly as this means that you have answered all the questions correctly and in doing this a suitable policy can be offered and price given.

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