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Thanks Nannymoon, after trawling through umpteen Travel Insurances, ringing them up getting online quotes, or some even rejecting me, I was not holding out much hope. But after reading your comments I decided to give it one last shot, or I was going to travel without insurance. I am only going to Spain for one week in April 24, I have had my operation and had my lung cancer removed along with part of my lung, so I am cancer free, yes I have COPD but have done for a while and never had any problems getting insurance. The quotes I was getting would pay for another person to holiday with us, some would not even insure me, but after going on to INSUREWITH, recommended by Nannymoon I have a reasonable quote, ( under 100). I am ecstatic to say the least. I love this forum x EDIT AS NOTED BELOW  it was actually INSURANCEWITH.COM, I went with as this came up in search. 

  • Hi  that's great to read that you've had a reasonable travel insurance group and I'm glad a member of this forum was able to help.

    Just in case anyone wants to try the same company that you have, can I check that it was actually and not insurewith as the former was who nannymoon recommended? 

    Hope you have a lovely time 

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  • It was

  • There was one q that others did not ask and that was does your consultant/ doctor agree it is safe for you to travel and I ticked yes as they have.

  • HI Latchbrook and Suzie,

    I have also been ringing around and the prices are terrible ,  my husband has bowell cancer and is currently under treatment.  We are also travelling in April for a break they went through a lot of questions and have got a quote which I am going through .  It is such a great price in compared to others I am a bit concerned that too good to be true .   Am I being too cautious ?

  • Hi  

    I haven't used myself but I know lots of people in the group do recommend them.

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  • Hi 253

    I have used previously but found them more expensive this time around.

    I don't think you are being too cautious to carefully read the details to make sure you have the correct cover. In particular make sure that you have made the right declarations and they have accepted them.

    When I was getting quotes for my most recent policy I got one that was really cheap in comparison to the others. I went through the online process again and got 'greyed out' boxes I could not change. I then rang the company and went through the underwriting on the phone. I was told I could not change the greyed out boxes myself as they had already been completed. When we went though the underwriting on the phone they system had completely ignored my brain tumour (the greyed out section) and only underwritten my recent gall bladder surgery, hence a really cheap quote. Had I not got suspicious of the 'cheap' quote I would have bought a policy that did not give me the cover I needed. 

    The revised quote, fully covering tumour and gall bladder surgery, with was still cheaper then

    All insurance quotes are personal and yours maybe perfectly fine, but careful reading of the policy is never a bad idea. 

    Good luck


  • Thank you Tracy,  this is the first time we have travelled since he was diagonesed , one other that I have contacted is insurecancer and they want a form to be filled out by the oncology team.   I will proof read the policy with fine tooth combe .  thanks again